Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Sister Praise

Seems these days we're all about divide and conquer, especially at bedtime.  CPV handles the end-of-the-day routine like a champion ... and he does it all ... bathing, pajama mismatching, teeth brushing, hair combing, story reading, and "talk about our day" chatting.   I get to focus on CJV, and I love that Natalie gets that time with him before she falls asleep.   

As I rocked Charlotte across the hall, the two of them settled in for story-time.  Instead of her usual request - Little Critter - tonight Natalie asked for a book called I'm a Big Sister.

Her title selection inspired the sweetest moment between daddy and daughter.

Before he even opened the book, Chad pulled Natalie under his arm, looked down at her little face, and said, "You know what, Natalie.  You're such a good big sister.  You teach baby sister all kinds of new things.  And you play so nicely with her.  Mommy and Daddy really appreciate you being such a good big sister to Charlotte."

Natalie wiggled a little closer and utter, "Ummm-hmmm" around her binky. It was obvious that she felt proud, and I couldn't help but shed a little tear.


singedwingangel said...

awww how precious

Chi-town momma said...

That is so sweet! At our house, B tells US, "I good brother, momma?" (well usually in the form of a question!) Usually right after he has done something he knows will make me happy - find his sister a toy, kiss her - but sometimes it comes after he has taken a toy from her and she is fussing. Then I have to remind him, "You are not being the best brother you can be right now!"

Big Mama Cass said...

That is so sweet!! I hope I have that some day soon. :)

Raising Z said...

That is absolutely beautiful! What a good papa :) We divide and conquer around here too, it's the only way! Tonight I am on my own and I always dread these nights. I plan on doing baths and jammies starting at 4pm and then we will have pancakes for dinner :)

Deann said...

Awww that is So sweet! :)

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