Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I don't wanna ...

Brace yourself for some bitching, whining, and belly-aching ... of epic proportions. If woes of the mundane and trivial variety are not your thing, step away from the screen. If you're hoping for warm-and-fuzzy, look elsewhere ... might I suggest the ESP post just below this one?

Here goes, folks.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

I don't wanna ...
answer another question
play puzzles, blocks, or baby dolls
read a story with illustrations

I don't wanna ...
negotiate the eating of fruit
argue about the putting on of shoes
remind of the importance of sharing and taking turns

I don't wanna ...
load or unload the dishwasher
wipe the counter
plan, prepare, or serve a meal

I don't wanna ...
go to story-time or the park
drag two kids through the aisle at the market
dream up some craft project to pass the time

I don't wanna ... 
sweep the floors
fold another piece of laundry
empty a garbage can

I don't wanna ...
change a dirty diaper
wipe a snotty nose
feed a hungry baby

I don't wanna ...
rescue a lost binky in the middle of the night
fall asleep to the static of a monitor
wake up to the calls of Mommy

For just one day.
One entire day.
One 24-hour period.

After which I will gladly haul myself back to the dreads of stay-at-home-motherhood.

Ever have one of those days? 
Ever need to say awful, terrible things? 
Ever wish you were someone else?
Ever have a day when the currency of hugs and kisses just isn't enough?
Please don't tell me I'm alone.

Ever realize how incredibly important you are in the lives of your children? 
I certainly hope so!

It's days like today that help me appreciate all the good days in my life.


Oliver'sMom said...

A. MEN. Took the words out of my mouth. HUGS!

Janelle said...

So sorry to hear you are having one of those days. I have them more often then I would like to especially since being at home is what I want to do. I don't want to do anything else...well I do....but you know what I mean.

Sending good mommy thoughts your way. Maybe you should take a mommy retreat.

singedwingangel said...

I don't know of one mommy who hasn't been there.. Althoguh mine are much older the list is about as long.And add take care of my mom in that mix lol..
roflmbo wanna tell me why my word verification is SPERM???

Pam said...'s to hoping tomorrow's better.

I'll trade you my 14 yr old niece for your 2 diaper wearing kiddo's for that 24 hour period!

Noelle said...

You're not alone. In 16 years, I've felt this tons of times. Each time it passes and you eventually lose that little bit of guilt you have for feeling it. It's part of the deal. Hopefully, you'll get that 24 hour period sometime in the foreseeable future. And, then they grow up and you wish for more than 5 words from them in a 24 hour period. Sigh...does it seem strange to want to lock your kid in a room with you for 24 hours just so they'll sit still with you and you can get to know them a little better before they are off and running with their own lives?

Chi-town momma said...

Sorry friend! Something tells me you and the girls will have a delightful day today or tomorrow - just when we are ready to ship them off, they seem to sense it and give us a lovely day full of love and memories!

Jessica said...

I'm pretty sure we've all been there. For me it's usually on a Friday, when it's been a long week and I can't take it anymore. Those are the days when I miss working part-time so I can escape even one diaper, one meal-time struggle, one load of laundry, one tantrum. Wishing for a whole 24-hour period is a much higher goal - I love it! (And I'm jealous that my husband has had those days off when I travel with SP. What a lucky, lucky man!)

VandyJ said...

I totally get the I don't wannas. I love my boys but sometimes I just want to be something other than mommy. THe feeling passes but every now and then getting away is good for the soul.

Bethany said...

You've got talent! :P

Miss Mel said...

Chris and I are having one of those days!

Procrasti-Mom said...

Oh dear. Sorry to hear you had "one of THOSE days". We all have them ... you are NOT alone! Sometimes you just want to run for the hills, especially when all seems to be falling apart and you are riding the hamster wheel of household chores. They just seems to be coming back and back and back again... Anyway, things will brighten up. Let me know if you and Chad need a night out and I'll come and hang with the kiddos for you. Hugs!

Raising Z said...

You are sooooo not alone! I just want 8 hours of sleep or even just 3 worry free hours away from my children. C and I are still very attached and most days I wouldn't have it any other way but sometimes you just need a break. Our jobs are 24/7 and unless the planets align and both kids nap/rest at the same time, I am on all day!!! I hope your weekend was the recharge you needed :)

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