Monday, March 8, 2010

Crafty Family Plaque

The original inspiration for this delightful bit of recent craftiness came from a bloggy friend of mine, BJ_Mama.  Truly, I hope to meet her IRL someday.  She's such a fun and crafty lady, and I envy so many of her wonderful projects ... every now and then I just have to try one out myself.

When I saw this way back in December, I immediately thought of my younger sister and my good friend, who just moved into a new home - within a month of having a baby!  Of course, I also had to make one for myself :)

And so, here's my attempt at BJ_Mama's Family Plaque.  

The entire project was done with materials I already had at home.  First, I had a bunch of 8 x 10 frames stashed away in the attic ... they were hideous gold and kind of marbleized.  I quickly neutralized them with black paint.

I printed the large letters and then traced and cut them from black scrapbook paper.  I had some "document" paper on hand from a project I did with 5th graders years ago, but I think BJ_Mama's paper is much better than mine.  I just typed up the names of the family members with a dash in between and printed it on the paper.




BJ_Mama said...

LOVE THEM! You did GREAT! and you are much too kind to give me so much credit, dear friend....You're like a Closet Crafter! COME OUT! BE FREE! :)

Chi-town momma said...

I love this!!! And even better, I think I could totally do it!!! Thanks for sharing, D...and BJMama

Tiffany said...

Very cute and doable! Thanks for sharing!

Big Mama Cass said...

OOOHHH Love that!!!

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