Wednesday, November 25, 2009

D-RA-MA Queen & Whiplash

So it's official, BGV will further more be known as DQV ... she is such a freakin' Drama Queen!

I was not in good shape last night.  Panic set-in and I just couldn't get it under control. My cheeks were suddenly very flushed and fetal movement was faint and infrequent ... even when I jostled her a bit.  I came very close to calling my doctor, but CPV calmed me down. 

Finally at about 1:00 am, she had a little bout of hiccups and I was able to relax and get some much needed sleep!  I woke up a short time later ... to have a snack because I wasn't able to eat much in the evening ... just too upset and conflicted.  During that quiet time in the middle of the night, I looked at photos of NHV's birth and had an emotional breakthrough, an epiphany, if you will.  I took a very deep cleansing breath, and just felt calm for the first time in several days.   I woke up feeling the same way; relaxed, rested, and calm ... there were even a few peaks of sun through the clouds to punctuate my changed mood.

NHV slept her usual 12 hours, and CPV made us a delicious breakfast.  The morning was off to such a nice start ... and I headed out the door for my fourth doctor's appointment of the week.

The first twenty minutes of the "non-stress" test today were ... well, stressful.  While there was clearly a heart beat, there was no evidence of heart reactivity.  Of course, I wasn't having any contractions either ... after 12 weeks of non-stop, medicated contractions ... nothing.  We gave the baby a few gentle squeezes to get some reactivity, but none of it was unprovoked.  That 20-minutes of tape sent everyone into a panic and paperwork was started for an emergency c-section.

I stayed on the monitor for another hour, and guess what ... Drama Queen smirked her little smirk at all of us (perhaps even thumbed her nose, that little stinker), and her heart was perfectly reactive the entire time.  And the contractions made a come back, too. Her heart rate even sustained through the contractions, which was yesterday's red flag!  The doctors (my OB and one of her partners) were just shaking their heads and saying things like, "Can this even be the same baby?"  I went from sobs to smiles but remained cautiously optimistic because ... that's just how this pregnancy has gone ... one minute good news, the next we're scrambling to figure out an escape plan!  That's the whiplash of growing a Drama Queen in your uterus!

By the end of almost two hours, it was decided that the plans for a c-section would be set aside.  Monitoring will resume on Friday morning, ultrasound on Monday afternoon, and OB appointment on Tuesday morning to determine the "when" of the induction.  There is still a tiny glimmer of hope for a growth spurt. 

At this point, I am accepting the idea of an induction.  There is simply no reason to fret about it or fight against it.  Getting this baby girl into the world happy and healthy is my number one priority.  In the meantime, I am going to savor the next five days with my awesome husband and daughter :)

Thank you again for the continued love for me, BGV DQV, and my family!


Evonne said...

I think this stubborn little girl is going to give you a run for your money.

Take care and have a good Thanksgiving!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Goodness you are strong, you little super mommy. I have melt downs when it comes to health issues. Take care of that little Drama Queen. It won't be long and she'll be asking for her own cell, right : )
Happy Holidays

Go Zesty with Dee! said...

I'm thrilled that you don't have to do the C-Section. Glad God is hearing all those prayers and giving you a reprieve in the Drama.


Terri said...

Little DQV is having a field day with mommy. Let's just hope that means that since she's caused you so much trouble in utero, she's going to be a sweet little easy baby when she's out! :) So glad about the c-section not happening.. and so glad to hear your perked up positive attitude. You're the best!

Big Mama Cass said...

If she is giving you a run now, you just wait! LOL :) Glad you are doing well though. Have a fantastic turkey day!

Elaina said...

sending lots of love to you and DQV (and the rest of the gang). I was just telling Riley stories tonight about when he would hiccup all the time in my belly. I miss that feeling. Enjoy the last few days of the pregnancy, and I think I told you I was induced and it went smoothly as I'm sure yours will too. xoxo,

bean16 said...

I have just recently started to follow your story....and I am full of admiration - you have been so strong through it all! My little man will be making his appearance on Friday via c-section (long story). He gave us a little growth scare of his own back in August but it turned out it was all a result of an over-cautious radiologist and everything was fine. I cannot imagine dealing with the number of appointments, tests and ups and downs that you have been through....pregnancy is enough of a ride without all of this! I will be thinking of you and sending positive growth and delivery vibes your way! Take care and enjoy your last few days as a family of 3 :)

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