Friday, November 6, 2009

What'd You Say? Grass & Eyes

Driving down the road, NHV spots some horses in the field.  The following conversation ensued ... her thought process and what she says just cracks me up!

N:  Wat horsey dooo-wing?
M:  I don't know. What do you think the horsey is doing?
N:  Horsey tak-eeng nap?
M:  Maybe, but I think the horsey is eating his breakfast.
Silence.  Must mean my answer was satisfactory.  Score one for the mommy!

N:  Horsey eat gwass?
M:  Yep, that's right, horseys eat grass.

N:  Ofver aneemals eat gwass?
M:  Yes, other animals eat grass.  Can you think of another animal that eats grass?

At this point, I am guessing daddy recently had a chat with Natalie about animals and what they eat.  I had no idea where all of this was coming from!

N:  Yambs eat gwass?
M:  Wow! You're right.  Lambs do eat grass ... (don't they?)
Thinking that was a lucky guess ... 
M: Can you name another animal that eats grass?

N:  Cows?  Cows eat gwass?
M:  Yep, baby girl, cows eat grass.  Horseys eat grass.  Lambs eat grass. 

Holy cow!  Where did she learn all that?!  Score for the baby girl!

Quiet.  Quiet.  Quiet.

N:  See mowre horseys?
M:  I don't know if we'll see more horseys.  Keep your eyes out for them.

Quiet.  Quiet.  Quiet.

N:  No eyes out.  Mice eyes IN.

Well, you've got me there, Natalie!

Because I can't resist, here's a pic of NHV admiring the horseys during our recent pumpkin patch visit ...


Evonne said...

Cute!!! I love the thought process of kids. It keeps you on your toes and is always good for a laugh!

Emmett Joseph said...

So precious! What a smart little girl.

Erin M. said...

I love conversations with toddlers---so funny to see how their little brains work.

Chi-town momma said...

We had a great toddler "thought" the other day too...
We had been blowing up a balloon and letting it go (quite a long time of entertainment, until mommy was feeling a bit dizzy). I decided it was time to tie the balloon up and bat it around. After that novelty was done, B asked me to "Momma, blow balloon down?!?" Took a moment to sink in, but I had been "Blowing it up" and clearly the opposite would be down! :) Love that sweet little boy!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

My son and I keep having conversations about the fact that people don't eat grass, even if animals do.

SupahMommy said...

still giggling


mice eyes IN.

too sweet miss nhv

Elaina said...

It's so great that you write this down. I need to do more of it, because they do say the funniest things and then I forget!

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