Sunday, November 29, 2009

All About MEme: Excuses, Excuses

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy


Dearest MEeps ... 

get it, MEme + peeps = MEeps?!

I am throwing the pregnancy card ... 

because, well, I can ... and I may not be able to for much longer. 

I am a whopping 36 weeks pregnant after all!

And, no lying, I am - this very minute - 

counting and timing contractions.

Not sure if this is actual labor (probably not) 

or just a Seriously Pissed Uterus (SPU) ... 

an upgrade from my previous GUS (Grumpy Uterus Syndrome).

Just so you know I am not a slacker  

(that's my little pet name for SupahMommy)

in between contractions and deep breaths, 

I am decorating for the holidays,

cleaning house from top to bottom, 

framing finger-paint art for the baby's room,

making a crafty wall mobile for the baby's room,

packing and repacking bags for the hospital,

organizing the linen closet,

snuggling with my sweet girls,

and motivating my husband to finish painting already!

There you have it.  My excuse(s).


ANYONE .. .without an excuse will be forced 
to mop my floors and clean three digusting toilets ... 
before I return from Labor and Delivery!

Come back, link up.  Visit some blogs and give some comment love.  

See you next week ... maybe ;)

XOXO ~ Supah and MommyBrain


Oliver'sMom said...
Coolest thing for not having to think!

Shell said...

AAAAAAHHHH! I better come up with an excuse!

BJ_Mama said...

Okay, leave the flippin' linen closet alone, you're making me look bad! Love You!

Anonymous said...

You have a very good excuse.

Chief said...

wow! I think that is called nesting my dear. I hope there is gas in the car!

Laura said...

I think being nearly ready to pop out a kid is excuse enough. I'm going to start looking for nesting mamas to clean my house lol I'm sure it will better than my cleaning job.

SupahMommy said...

oohhh i used the timed contraction thingy doo on the computer! while dbd was at the game!! it was AWESOME..

and i can get to comments.. just not linkies.. anywhere.. can't even get onto
something must be up

i read yours yesterday accidentally thinking it was the prompt so maybe that was the good news maker.. i broke tradition and bgv grew!

xoxosooxoxoxoxooxoo tons and tons just in case you go soon..


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