Thursday, November 12, 2009

Misadventures of the Volvo Kind

Less than a week ago, I had the GPS, attachment-thingy, and charger stolen from my car ... while it was parked in my driveway!  All three things were in different locations: GPS in the center console, suction cup on the windshield, and charger in the glove box ... but the blankety, blank, blank punks got all three pieces!  I am assuming this increases the street value.  I can't complain too much (at least according to my husband) because my car - in the driveway behind my house - was left unlocked.  Apparently we didn't see the motion detector lights go off.  Regardless, I am slightly pissed and more than a little creeped out and missing the voice of Veronica; she was always there to tell me when to turn and where to go.  Devastating!  Somewhat comforting (but also awful) to know I wasn't the only one - several neighbors had a similar experience.  Freakin' punks!  So rude!

And, well, the Volvo failed me again today.  In the form of a big FLAT tire.

I dragged my friend Tammy and her son Owen to the local Toys R Us for some bargain shopping of the Hasboro game-variety.  We were leaving the store.  On our way to Jimmy John's ... mama-to-be and kiddos were starving.  But we didn't get very far before I realized the back driver-side tire was completely flat!

Panic set in.  I was not cool under pressure.  And I certainly wasn't cool under the pangs of hunger ... low blood sugar = impatient MommyBrain.  Frantic calls to my husband - who didn't answer - and Tammy's husband left us with the conclusion that we were on our own with a flat tire and two toddlers.

Hoping I was still covered under warranty, I put in a call to Volvo Roadside Assistance.  Tammy ran across the parking lot and flagged down a trucker; that's my girl ;)  All the while I am trying to figure out how I am going to get to Jimmy John's - sooner rather than later - for a much-needed lunch break!

Another mommy friend, Jamie, and her son Kyler were also shopping at Toys R Us, and I felt reassured to know we weren't going to be totally stranded.  After learning that a "tiring-changing guy" was on the way, we went in search of Jamie ... and almost called for her over the intercom ... that's just how hungry I was!  In my head I was thinking, let's find Jamie and send her to pick up some sandwiches! 

Which wasn't necessary since Lance, the friendly and helpful tire guy, was there in less than 30 minutes.  I snacked on a fruit roll-up from Tammy's endless supply of snacks and managed to maintain my composure while the tire was being changed. 

When my husband finally called me back, he wanted to know why I wasn't changing the tire myself.  After all my dad did teach me how to change a tire before he'd allow me to drive as a sixteen year old - even made me practice three times in the driveway.  

Hello?  33.5 weeks pregnant (and starving)! 
Hello?  Two year old to entertain and keep safe. 
Hello?  Only vague idea of where the spare is located. 
Hello?  Free roadside assistance.  'Nuf said!

Our four-hour ordeal ended with a less-than-50 mph drive home and a stop at the service station near my house to drop off the tire.

My fear is that these things tend to happen in threes.  What's next?!

Oh, keep this on the DL, but CPV is working a CraigsList sting operation to get our GPS back ... and I think he's actually found a listing that could very well be the one taken from my car.  How crazy is that!?


Epiphius said...

Total bummer! Hope you scored some good games in the process!

Peterson Family said...

It never happens when you have hubby, no, no. It's always you and the kiddos. Never fails. And I hope they catch the creeps who stole from you. My mom always said "The only thing worse than a liar is a thief"!

Evonne said...

I hope the theory that bad things come in 3's does not hold true for you! Hopefully you can get your woman in the box back.

Oliver'sMom said...

Shawn's passenger side window was smashed out and our GPS was taken last week too...Shattered glass all over Oliver's car seat...I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! By the way, the officer who came to look at our truck said that if we had the seriel number, chances were better than average to get it back as the police have a person who cruises pawn shops and Craigslist for stolen goods....Good luck getting yours back too!

mrs.alderman said...

It was an adventure fo sho!! As Scott's all about the stories!! :)

Margaret said...

That totally sucks about the GPS I hope you get it back!

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