Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WW: Owl-dorable Big Girl Room

It's finally finished, and I am loving the end result!  More importantly, NHV is loving her new big girl room!

This was a big transition for a little girl.  We moved her out of her crib and into a twin-size bed.  We also moved her into an entirely new room; the nursery is being prepped for BGV 2.0, our second daughter.  (Read about that transition here, here, and here.)

The Big Girl Room Reveal ...

Bedding: Circo Love & Nature Collection from Target
My NHV loves owls, and I love color.  This bedding is the perfect combination of both.  It's cute and appropriate for a two-year old, but I think it will easily grow with her.

Throw Pillow:  Custom-made by the very talented LadyBeez Designs

Wall Color: Summer Harvest by Behr

The bedding is plenty busy, so I went with a neutral yellow.  Yellow also happens to be one of my favorite colors :)

Bed and Dresser: Handcrafted by CPV

Inspired by Pottery Barn and Land of Nod, both pieces were designed and handcrafted by my super talented husband.  They are incredibly sturdy with no shortage of tiny details.  The bed includes a handmade guardrail; you'll see it in the last photo :)

Underbed Storage: Floor Bins by West Elm

This was such a lucky find, especially since they are apparently no longer available.  I needed flat bins - no more than 9 inches high - with large dimensions.  I found 2 sets of 2 - on clearance - for about $50 total.   Found what I was looking for and discovered a great design store! For now, they are filled with books and dolls and assorted toys.  I have plan to make photo tags of the contents to keep things organized :) 

Curtains: Chocolate Brown tab-top with accent ribbon added by me :)
NHV likes a dark room, and she's a good sleeper ... so I had to go with a curtain that would be dark - on the occasional sunny morning here in the NW.  I pulled the brown from the bedding and added the colorful ribbon stripes to make them more girlie.  I am working on a "tutorial" for this NO-sew project.  These curtains are my favorite contribution to the room.


Decor: Circo Love & Nature Wall Mural Appliques
I originally thought these were kind of cheesy, but I really like them now.  It was so easy (and cheap) to apply, and the owls are so adorable!  Besides, as CPV pointed out, it is a two-year old's room :)

Canvases: Owl-Inspired Storybook Art
I am working on a "tutorial" for this one.  I am so happy with the way these turned out :)  My friend Tammy also surprised NHV with an owl-dorable square canvas - that she painted! (It's propped on the dresser right now, but it will hung on the door to Natalie's new big girl room!

Name: Wooden Letters and scrapbook paper from Michael's

Here's my "tutorial" - ridiculously easy with a big impact :)  (The letters look crooked in this photo, but trust me they are very straight - thanks to my meticulous husband!)


This has been a work-in-progress for about 8 weeks ... with many, many other projects and life things getting in the way ... my husband and I are left wondering how Trading Spaces pulls together a room in one weekend?!

You can see more great photos and Word-less-ful Wednesday
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Chi-town momma said...

LOVE it all!!! So many great details! Such fun little touches. A great balance of little girl and big girl! Ummm, poor Benjamin, when he finally is ready for his big boy bed, he will get the shaft. No fancy room for him. Guess I should think about that a bit! Good work, Verhoffs!!!

Baby Sweetness said...

So cute! I don't have a creative bone in my body, but feel like I could maybe follow your lead on some stuff here... OK - maybe not. But I certainly feel challenged to! That's a start! Good job!

Jessica said...

Absolutely lovely. What I most appreciate is your comment that it took about 8 weeks, because I have a tendency to be impulsive and throw things together in one week, then feel disappointed that it's really not as "together" as I wanted it to be. Thanks for inspiring me to take my time the next time I redecorate!

Bravo to you both!!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Beautiful! I especially love the bed. Took quite a bit of talent to make!

Leonard Family said...

WOW what an awesome big girl room!! Great job!

Mommy Lisa said...


BJ_Mama said...

OMG!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! It makes me want to put Sam in a "big girl room"....almost ;)
GO CPV GO! That bed is ROCKIN'!

I'm publicly calling you out, right here on your own time you say you're not crafty, you get a spankin'!

Hey, if NHV doesn't want to sleep in there...I WILL!

Joy said...

Her room is gorgeous! I love owls too. I love the colors and the balance of cute yet not baby-ish. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great work and am in disbelief that's a custom-made bed! Great job!

Happy WW :)

Jessica said...

I love, love, LOVE it! Everything is so adorable. Those decals are so perfect and add so much to the room. We are working on the room transition at our house right now. This weekend is painting, then we'll move on to furniture and decor. How lucky are you to have such a talented hubby!

mrs.alderman said...

WOW!!! Amazing job you guys!! Nananee is soooo lucky to have such awesome, creative parents!!

stb said...

Her room is BEAUTIFUL! You and your husband did a wonderful job!!!

Cortney @ said...

Beautiful job! SO CUTE! Almost, and I mean almost, makes me want to have a girl just so I can do a room like that! :-)

SwizzlestickMama said...

So adorable! Love all of the owls--they are so popular right now-they are everywhere!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Oh WOW! Love it! Everything turned out beautiful! Now I want to hurry up and transform Princess Nagger's room like I've been wanting to do... :)

Happy WW! :)

Laura said...

I love to the story book artwork. My daughter has few books she can't go without and it would be a great way to hold onto a early childhood memory. Thanks for a great idea. The room is lovely! I love owls.

Margaret said...

I totally love the room. It is amazing!

Big Mama Cass said...

Wow, it looks AMAZING!!! LOVE IT!!! I am still planning on getting those letters and doing that in my Monkey's room. I wish I was as crafty as you! :)

Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

I'm jealous that I don't have such a cool room now, let alone when I was a kid!!

It looks absolutely amazing!

Kathy said...

super cute!

Emmett Joseph said...

Gorgeous room, D! LOVE the bed--think CPV could make one for E when he has some free time? :)

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful room.

I wish my nursey was half this close to being "done".

Raising Z said...

Wow! It is guys did an amazing job! You are both so talented. The furniture is incredible, could you send your husband to the East Coast to help us with a few projects ;) Absolutely beautiful :)

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