Monday, November 23, 2009

News about BGV 2.0

Induction tentatively set for next Tuesday, December 1. 

I see my OB at 9:00 am tomorrow and will know more then.

Heart and umbilical cord/brain blood flow still look good.  Very little growth overall and abdominal measurement completely stalled - no gain in two weeks.

Had first steroid shot today and will get second tomorrow ... to give her lungs a good boost. 

Looking for the positives.  Hoping for the best possible outcome.

I am exhausted.  Will try to put thoughts together in the morning. 


Margaret said...

Everything will be ok!

BJ_Mama said...

***HUGS*** I know this feeling very well. In fact my heart tightened just reading your post.
But, you know what, everything WILL be okay. You have so MANY MANY people praying for you! I was so scared when I got that same news....and my doctor had this HUGE grin on her face, "YOU READY TO HAVE A BABY?," she said. She was so excited. So was my husband, and I was the one shaking in my boots! But, because of their outlook, I decided to change mine. There was nothing else I could do but give birth....and be a mommy...(granted Sam was my first one so I had that whole "wonder of motherhood" going on)..but you get to Meet this little peanut soon. And when she comes out all perfect and snuggly you can ask her why she had to give you all such a hard time the past few months...oh, and give her tons of kisses too! ***MORE HUGS***

Miss Mel said...

Many loves, hugs and prayers from our family to yours!
We can't wait to see the pictures of her on the outside!!! xoxoxo

Baby Sweetness said...

Good luck! BGV and I will share a birthday (so I can attest it is a good day!) - just *29* (plus 5) years apart. Given that age gap, your child will likely not spend the teenage years being told - Dec 1st? That was my cabbage patch kid's birthday!

Chi-town momma said...

Just look how long she has stayed in there!!! You have done an excellent job taking care of her - and will continue to do so when you get to meet her in ONE WEEK!!!! She has a strong heart, the steroids are great for any las minute lung needs, everything they have seen shows that she is healthy (and they have seen lots!) Now let go of the worry as it is out of your hands (I know, I know my little control freak friend!!!), enjoy your time with NHV and CPV as a family of three. And get as much freaking rest as you can cause you thought worrying about this little nugget while she was inside you was hard. Sleepless nights and a needy toddler are no piece of cake either ;) I LOVE YOU!!!!

Jessica said...

The positives: so far she's still healthy; you have an amazing team of people looking after your (plural) health; you and CPV can now make plans and know how the whole giving- birth-while-arranging-care-for-toddler thing will work; you made it a long way from 22 weeks; you have created an army of people here who will help as much as possible!

But...I know it wasn't the news you wanted yesterday, so whenever you need to just be sad about it, we're all here for you.

Jessica said...

*Hugs!* I'm sure it will all work out. Once that little pea gets here, you can love and snuggle her and let her blossom.

Sorry you are having to be induced. I know that wasn't your first choice.

Terri said...

Thinking of you and sending lots of love, hugs, and prayers! I know this isn't the news you wanted, but it just means you get to meet her sooner. :) She's come so far, and she'll be just fine whether she stays inside a little longer, or is ready to come out a little sooner. We are thinking of you, and if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to call! xoxoxoxo.

Oliver'sMom said...

Hugs hugs HUGS sweetie! I think maybe BGV 2.0 might be trying to tell you that she wants her birthday a bit seperate from Christmas...LOL. BTW-Dec 1 is a GREAT day for birthday, it's my sweet hubby's!

So, if she comes on the 1st, that's 24 days "early", right? Oliver was due the 3rd of July, came June 10th, about 23 days early. Granted, we spent some time in the NICU, but your girl has some MAJOR advantages over him. 1. She's a girl, and they ALWAYS do better than boys if they come early. 2. Those shots! Oliver's early arrival wasn't expected, so no shots for him hence the lung immaturity that kept us on oxygen (even then, he was only on it for 5 days, and just a nasal cannula or oxygen hood). 3. My water had been broken for 24 hours and no labor=some fetal distress for Oliver when it came time to deliver. Since BGV 2.0 is EXPECTED to be early, doctors are ready for it.

I am in such awe of you keeping that girl cooking as long as you have with all the contractions; think of all the growing she DID do! She was at a pound or so when this all started, right? My bet is she's grown quite a bit since that 1 lb mark!

Again, hugs, hugs HUGS. I hope you have a great Turkey day as your last being a family of three! "We'll add another branch to our family tree!"

PS-you SO better be taking your laptop and taking advantage of the hospitals wi-fi when that girl comes!!!! OK, bond with the new girl first, then blog about it!!!! ;-)

thegrowingcunninghams said...

It's SO okay to be scared, but know that you are wrapped in much love and many prayers. Beyond that, you and your doctors have been so vigilant in doing everything for baby girl. The steroids worked wonders on my 30 weekers; 30 weekers who spent NO time on a ventilator or oxygen, and just a few short days on CPAP. . . but you already know our story. Lots of hugs your way. Call if you need ANYTHING.

Raising Z said...

Oh Sweetie...I am so sorry that things are not going the way you had hoped and planned. I am sending you and your family big hugs and sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Through your entire pregnancy your little girl has shown how strong she is...she is a little fighter.... and I know she will burst into this world and all will be fine! This way she will be here in time for the whole holiday season and thus guaranteeing that Santa leave her gifts too! I know how scary this must be but take the next few days to rest up and enjoy your Thanksgiving. Big Hugs!!!

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