Sunday, November 15, 2009

All About MEme: Mission Impossible

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy

Dun... dun ... dun.. dun.. .dun...dun.. (spy song)

Your mission should you choose to accept it ... 

Channel your inner Action Hero!
You inner SPY!  Top Secret Stuff!  We want it!
Secret Agent Man! We're throwing caution to the WIND!
CUZ we have the spy skills and spy tools to do it!

The only MISSIONS I’ve been on lately involve …
  • Re-decorating and Craft-attempting
  • Organizing, Nesting, and Cleaning
  • Napping during the day (but not sleeping at night)
Let's be honest, none of those things are going to make much of an action-packed blockbuster movie.

Things that seem IMPOSSIBLE
Getting the H1N1 Vaccine without standing in line with hundreds of other people in the pouring rain … while continuing to maintain some semblance of health and well-being.

Having my stolen GPS returned despite the fact that Secret Agent CPV did track down our exact model on Craigslist!  After searching other listings, he also found out that the same guy has another GPS unit and an in-dash navigation system for sale - the exact objects taken from two of our neighbors!  Without clearance from his supervising agent (that would be me), he even talked to the guy on the phone!  My little Ethan Hawk tried to set a big, fat trap and asked for the serial number on the back of the GPS - made up some random excuse about certain serial numbers having problems with the batteries.  We have our number because this secret agent keeps a serious paper trail!  But our dumbass nemesis has a smarter sidekick brother who apparently tipped him off to the trap.  And now we are back to relying on the cops!

Maintaining my sanity and shreds of patience while going off my contraction-controlling medication.  After 12 weeks of hindering my contractions - with only some success - it is time to stop taking the meds and let my uterus do it's terribly grumpy thing.  Should be a delight!

Capturing a good maternity photo ... not because my friend and photographer, Deann, isn’t super talented.  I have complete faith in her, and she is so sweet to offer.  But because I am feeling Ugly … notice the capital U?!  Aside from the extra lbs, the gray in my hair is unsightly; my skin has never been more pale; and my smile is not quite reaching my eyes these days.  But, hey, it's all digital, and there's always Photoshop :)

Giving a little something-something to the hubs.  Yeah, honestly, the chances of that happening before the new year, are slim to none ... completely improbable.  I just can't find the energy or the drive to make it happen; ya know?  As terrible as it is to use our unborn child as an excuse ... ummmm, hello, growing a human here - keep that thing away from me, kay?!

A few more spy-related tidbits ...

I thought a lot about what my spy name would be, and I even consulted this handy-dandy Spy Name Generator ... you can, too :)

Here are my favorites:
  • Chelsey McPerky
  • Kristy Whisper
  • Jordan Goodbody
  • Georgina McCheeky

Knowing what a huge James Bond fan I am married to - he owns every single JB movie, I asked CPV for some of his favorite female spy names.  His list clearly relates to the last item on my Impossible list ...
  • Pussy Galore
  • Ivana Humpalot (Austin Powers)
  • Dr. Holly Goodhead
  • Xenia Onatopp

Yeah, I'm going to leave you with that ... where can I possibly go from there?!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it ... and oh, we so very much hope that you will ...

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Amber said...

Did the guy seriously put it on Craigslist? Doesn't he realize it for local ppl? Good luck getting the vaccine.

Margaret said...

People are really dumb if they would really put your stuff on Craigs list.

Kim said...

Ugh! I hope you catch your GPS thief! We had ours stolen this summer and I'm still angry about it. Some people! And I'm sure that you will get a fabulous maternity photo, without the efforts of photoshop!, pregnant women just have a glow and I'm sure you look fantastic!

kys said...

Was your husband's super-sleuthing the inspiration for this meme? It is a good story - even if it sucks for you guys.

Shell said...

The nerve of that guy, putting it on craigslist! I would be pissed.

I'm sure your maternity pic will be awesome. I tended to want to beat people over the heads with their cameras if they pointed them in my preggo self's direction and now I regret it.

And preggo sex...highly overrated.

Evonne said...

There's nothing worse than a dumb criminal. I hope you get your GPS stuff back soon!

I love you spy names! Yours, not your husband's =)!

Laura said...

If only pregnancy was like the movies. Where you look like super model with a basketball in her shirt and your skin glows like you just got back from Cancun. I thought I looked bad the whole time and look back now and wonder what was wrong with me. Hormones sometimes least for me. Feel better.

Kmama said...

LOL at the spy names. that's great!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the cops get your GPS back for ya.

Anonymous said...

Lovin your blog! I have a award for you at:

Jessica said...

Rats, I was really hoping Chad's sting operation would succeed. Loved the spy name generator. Mine turned out to be Diva Grey. Awesome. I ditto the comment about pregnant sex- especially in the third trimester with a grumpy uterus - I'm sure it's HIGHLY overrated.

Terri said...

I can't believe you found the people! I'm sure they are stupid enough to go back up there and repost. So impressed by Chad and your diligence in finding them. Sneaky vacuum sales people! You are a spy at heart.

Going off meds... so exciting! Let me know if there's anything we can do. :) N can come play anytime!

Lisa said...

I can't believe they put the stuff on craigslist!

My daughter called the dr today (just found out she was pregnant!) about H1N1 and was told If you hurry we can give you one right now but they are going fast. Thank God she works 5 minutes from dr. office. One problem taken care if we can just find the regular flu shot!

Love the spy names.

SupahMommy said...

seriously CPV is serious funny with his sting op.

i would be ALL OVER IT with him i i lived near you and got word that he was down lowin an operation.

i could be his sidekick.. a temporary V.


Epiphius said...

I tried your name generator....

Crystal Hotpants


And I don't really want to admit how long it look for Andy's own "mission impossible" to be completed. *winky winky*

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