Monday, November 9, 2009

All About MEme: Shopping Spree

First Evah Shopping Spree-Spree

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First of all, you should know that this prompt came about because of a very vivid (pregnancy-hormone-induced) dream that I had just the other night.

[Insert Wayne's World Dream Sequence Prelude Here]

Take your brain back to the scene in Pretty Woman ... I know you know that one.  She's been shot down by the snotty sales person ... and her "John" takes her back to the shops, throws around a bunch an obscene amount of money, impressing everyone, and giving Vivian a once-in-a-lifetime shopping spree experience!  There's music playing, a very appropriate and up-beat Pretty Woman.  Outfits are assembled and tried on ... one after another ... by helpful sales staff (Seriously? That seems like an oxymoron to me!).  She dances in front of the mirror.  She smiles.  Everything fits and looks perfect.  And someone else is paying.

Yep, that was my dream.  I played the part of Vivian.  And Supah, she was my Richard Gere ... in a very non-John kind of way.  I'd try on an outfit, come bounding out of the dressing room, and find Supah there with some kind of funny commentary.  Imagine that?  Supah with a sense of humor and an opinion!

Anyway, I woke up with a smile on my face and that damn song stuck in my head ... and a strong desire to spend some money!

So here goes ...

And I am not about to pretend that I am not very pregnant, soon to be even more sleep deprived, and about to spend the next year of life as a human milk truck ... that little dose of reality just won't go away, not even for a MEme.   Besides, I'm nesting and this way I'll cross two items off my To Do List! So my purchases will be less glamor and more practical ... but indulgent nonetheless.

Item #1: Hospital Delivery Gown

A standard hospital gown a) doesn't fit me, b) is so unattractive, c) has been worn by many other people, d) all of the above.  It's really C that gets me; I hated knowing that a bunch of other mommies had worn that same gown ... yuck!  This time around, I want my very own - never been worn - delivery gown.  It's going to be a cute pattern.  It's going to be my size.  And, did I mention, I will be the first person to wear it?!

I'll be sure to spend lots of time looking down at my new special gown.

Item #2:  Belly-Bandit
I am a little obsessed with this product. I've seen it in all the Pregnancy magazines I've been reading during my many, many doctor appointments.  This little delight promises to flatten your belly and "accelerate post-baby healing" - all while giving you extra back support.  I'm like sign me up ...


and give me this lady's tan while you're at it!

Item #3:  Nursing Bras
I hated every nursing bra I wore during my first stint as a lactator.  Of course, I went cheap, and I was never properly fitted.  This time, I promise to do it differently.  I will spend a little dough on this very important article of clothing, and I will find one that actually fits ... no matter the cost (Supah's buying, right?!)

Please ... like those abs have carried/delivered a baby in the past ... evah! 

Item #4: This Wrap Hoodie
I saw this at Old Navy the other day, and I am kicking myself for not buying it.  It looks so comfy.  It could be worn over anything.  It unwraps for nursing.  I love the color.  It's a very updated, more pulled together look than throwing on my husband's college sweatshirt ... dontcha think?

Item #5:  Ugg-like Boots
I've never jumped on board with this trend, but I really like the idea of a "shoe" that looks and feels like a slipper ... and doesn't require the extra step of tying and will keep my tootsies warm during these cold winter months ahead.  So I am going for it! 

While I am sure the suede ones would be more waterproof, 
I love the look of these scrunchy sweater boots!  
And just look at those cute buttons!

Bonus Item:  A tiny morsel of sparkling pushing jewelry sure would be nice ... hint, hint ... 

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Staci said...

I am LOVING the push gift! Every woman needs one! My husband missed the boat on this, but I'm NOT bitter lol :) Great list! Love the gownS!

Jessica said...

Love these ideas for you. Definitely get yourself down the hill to the Overlake Women's Center (literally - down the hill!!) and get fitted for a beautiful nursing bra. I bought two and I never regretted it for a second throughout my 10 month stint as The Dairy Queen.

Evonne said...

I think that nursing bra model had some Photoshop work done! There's no way she ever gave birth! I don't really get the Ugg obsession either, but there are a few pairs I really like.

Nice hint ;)

kys said...

I need one of those belly wraps. And my baby will be 7 on Saturday.

Raising Z said...

I want a belly wrap! I love the hospital gown...I didn't even know you could go and buy your own :) Last time I refused to wear one and had a tank top on....this time I barely got it on before the baby came ;)

I had the maternity version of the hoodie wrap....I liked it but always felt like a MAC truck (so wide). I would love one for nursing :)

Great list!

Baby Sweetness said...

Oh wow - the belly wrap is an awesome idea! And love the ring - definitely a great idea! (I'm with Staci - my husband missed the boat on this and I'm (clearly!) not bitter either...) ;)

On the bras, if you do wind up havng to cut corners, I have to note that the inexpensive ones I got from Target are actually my favorites. I like them better than the "good" one I was fitted for at the hospital by the lactation consultant (that cost 3x as much).

Mommy Lisa said...

The BellaBumBum nursing bra - CopaCabana was my FAVORITE. Comfy and CUTE and easy access.

I had it in the Latte and Aqua.

Mommy Lisa said...

I tried to comment and read "Never a Dull Moment" but blogger told me it did not exist! Sorry.

Deann said...

OK MommyBrain ... I took the post birthing route, but good for you for getting yourself together for the present time :-)

I liked that Belly-Bandit. That would be pretty cool. Wonder if it has a 100% guarantee????? If so, sign me up!

SupahMommy said...



I'm so glad I was your richard gere.

Just don't be doing drugs in my bathroom.. or " flossin yo teeth"

the ugg/ fake ugg.. yo won't regret. SOOO cute and easy to wear.

Love the sweater .. reminds me of sweater dresses of the 80's which are of course, back in style!!

your sugah daddy

SupahMommy said...

sweater boots i meant

BJ_Mama said...

I LOVE those sweater Ugg boots! I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great can definately tell you're a preggo...HAHA! Very pretty gowns too!

erin said...

Here's my list:

1. Pink Berkin Bag Knock off (I actually like it better than the real one!)

2. Stacked celebration rings from Tiffany - 2 diamond shared setting bands and a pink sapphire/diamond band

3. Pink coach signature wallet

4. A really wedding album by this guy

<5> A trip to Paris

Hey! This is fantasy, right?

Epiphius said...

Get fitted at Overlake, but nursig bras are cheaper at Evergreen! My sister (who's built like a short version of you) likes the Elle McPherson ones.

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