Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good-bye to the Drugs

Hey, Hey, Hey

After starting pre-term labor symptoms at 22 weeks ...
and starting on anti-contraction medications at that time ...
I am officially drug-free again!

Each day this week I've been lessening my dose of the calcium-blocker.  The side effects have been ... not as bad as I thought ... mainly just a few vague headaches and some leg cramps.

And, of course, that also means that I am definitely NOT contraction-free.  CPV has been amazing ... reminding me to rest, playing with Natalie in the evenings, humoring my crazy nesting-tendencies, ...

Well, if I'm being honest, I don't think I've been contraction-free in many, many weeks.  Even on the meds, I have still been having plenty of contraction-filled evenings.  But, at this point, 35 weeks gestation, if my uterus is ready to get serious - and stop messing around - then bring it on!

I just really, really hope that I am able to tell when I am in labor.  I've been ignoring my contractions for so long, I am a little fearful of skipping that first stage of labor.  That's what happened the first time, with NHV; after 8 weeks of bed rest, I was probably in labor all day, but didn't realize it ... until my water broke ... at home ... and things moved very quickly after that.

Deep cleansing breath.
In through the nose, out through the mouth.

I am really trying to relax about the whole getting-to-the-hospital-with-BGV-still -in-my-uterus thing.  Just in case, I googled "giving birth in a car" and "giving birth at home" ... ummm, yeah, I do NOT recommend this form of relaxation therapy.  The results include YouTube videos!

Now that I am practically hyper-ventilating ... one step at a time, MommyBrain.

I am drug-free ... and happy.
BGV 2.0 is moving around like crazy.
Growth ultrasound scheduled for Monday.

My mantra: Focus on enjoying the rest of this pregnancy and the time I have left with "just" my sweet Natalie.


Chi-town momma said...

You will know. I'm not sure why, but somehow our bodies just know. After being induced with B I didn't know what it would feel like to really go into labor and I KNEW when it was time. It was close, but we were there at the hospital...and that included a detour - damn those one way streets!!! Can't wait to get that panic/excited phone call (but only if there is time...I don't need to be hearing from you while you are pushing!;) Love you friend!!!! So excited for you and your family!

Evonne said...

I agree - you'll know. For now relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Take care!

Danielle said...

Glad to hear everything is good. And Good luck to you with labor & delivery.


Miss Mel said...

Thinking of you! You are awesome Mama~
Love, Mel

Shell said...

You're in the home stretch now! I didn't really think I was that far along in labor with my first, got to the hospital and was already 10cm dialated. Oops. With my second, I caught it a little earlier and was at a 9 instead. With #3- I was so paranoid(at that time, we lived 45 minutes away from the hospital, instead of 5 like with the other 2) so as soon as I felt anything, we went. I did NOT want to give birth on the highway. That was my fear.

Good luck!

Peterson Family said...

I was on meds for 12 weeks with my daughter, Bella and then on them for 17 weeks with my son, Zain. Bella pretty much came right after I stopped the meds. The Boy decided to wait a week! I was just so happy to not have to deal with the meds anymore!!!

mammydiaries said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!! I hope it all works out wonderfully :)

Jessica said...

Glad to hear you are off the drugs. That can't be fun. I hope everything goes well and 2.0 decides to stay in her watery home for a few more weeks anyway.

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