Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Miss Communication

This morning when I asked Natalie what she wanted to do, she instantly and enthusiastically said, "Go to zoo," with a that-would-make-my-whole-day smile on her face, "See aneeemals."

We have a membership to the zoo here in our community, so dropping by for an hour, saying a quick "hey" to all the animals is certainly not unheard of ...

In fact, just yesterday we drove up to the zoo - with every intention of doing just that - and found the gates closed and no zookeepers in sight. I looked around for a sign to explain why the zoo was closed on a Tuesday - seemed odd to me ... and the lady with a van full of kids who pulled up behind me.

So, when NHV requested a trip to the zoo today, I thought I'd better check the website to make sure it's open ... in case there was some weird animal flu outbreak or random renovation or some plausible explanation for the zoo being closed on a weekday.

I said, "Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Let mommy go online to see if the zoo is open today."

Natalie gave me a quick nod and headed off to play ... but she soon returned with a question, "Mommy go-wing on a LION today?"

I can only imagine her confusion ... as I am sure you can imagine my amusement!


I also find it hilarious that the word "my" has somehow morphed into "mouse" or "mice" when NHV is referring to something that belongs to her.

"Mice nakey." (My blankie.) "Geeve mice nakey to ba-bee dawl?"

"Mouse duece cup." (My juice cup.) "Boy tuk mouse duece cup."

And the two forms of the word - mouse and mice - are totally interchangable! Maybe Natalie has some new imaginary friend(s)? Or perhaps we have a rodent problem?


Epiphius said...

If it's cougar mtn. zoo, we had the same experience in August! Who knew the zoo was closed Monday and Tuesday? Maybe it's just so they can be open for the weekend? The good thing is that the lake is still really close by to go play there instead!

Jacquelyn said...

Oh, god, that's cute! I miss that babyspeak!

JosiahsMommy said...

Awww. That's so cute. I can't wait for my little guy to start talking like that.

Mommy Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how they all have their words. Boo Boo always says "coconuts" for polka dots. You can say polka dots and she comes back, "Yes, coconuts."

Or "emelade" that one kills me. Mom, can you make me emelade.

Sure, one lemonade coming up!

stb said...

LOL at "on a lion"!!!

I love posts like this that document exactly what/how kids talk. I know I'll miss it someday when my daughter starts talking properly.

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