Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Could WIN ... at ToddlerBrain

If you've got kids ... and if you're reading a blog called MommyBrain, I assume you at least know kids if not have them yourself ... you simple MUST check out this newly released kids' music CD ... all the way from IRELAND. That's right, people, I bring you the goods from across the pond :)

It's called Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island by the Speks, and it is unique and fabulous and kid-pleasing ... how's that for a pot-o-gold combination?

Along with a clever little REVIEW - complete with limerick and Irish proverb, I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY (hey! hey!) ... and you can enter each day this week - for a total of 5 chances to win! Each day I'll ask a silly question and your answer (in the form of a COMMENT) enters you in the giveaway ... far easier than drinking an Irishman under the table!

The REVIEW is the first chance to enter.

And here's the link to today's chance to win.

Now, my little lassies, get your @$$ies on over to ToddlerBrain
and win yourself something fabulous!

1 comment:

Raising Z said...

I entered :) I gave you an award on my blog today! You may have already gotten it but either way you deserve to get it again :) I hope you are over the glucose shock!!

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