Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Running Dialogue

Natalie is extremely expressive/verbal, and she doesn't miss anything - I'm in trouble! Here's a running dialogue from the first hour she was awake today ...

I managed to get a shower before she woke up this morning - love that.
When I walked in her room to get her up my hair was still wet, she said, "Mommy take shower?"
"Yep. Mommy took a shower."
Mommy stinky? Mommy dewrty?"

"I no one-a watch George. Watch Elmo on tee bee, peas?"

Watching a little SS this morning ... "That Herry Monster!"
"That's right, and Natalie likes Harry Monster, don't you."
Enthusiastic head nod. "Mommy like Harry Monster, too?"

"Here are your prunes, baby girl."
"Pwunes help make poopies."

"Abby Cadabby sleeping in big girl bed."
"Yes, that looks like a big girl bed to me."
"Na-na sleep in big girl bed too?"
"Oh, good idea! Daddy is building one for you!"

After she asked for more prunes, I handed her the container rather than pour the remainder into her bowl, and she asked, "Pwunes in different cup?"

Two out-of-the-blue references to friends ...
"I see O-win today?"
"All-eee-son at cool?"

The little alien guy came on Sesame Street and Natalie asked, "Wat dat?"
I said, "That's a little alien guy," to which Natalie proclaimed, "I no yike that a-lee-in."

As I took her breakfast remnants from her tray, I accidentally bumped into her outstretched leg.
Fake whimper. "Mommy hurt Na-na's knee."
"Oh, I'm sorry, honey, I didn't mean to. Are you okay?"
"Na-na O-kay. Mommy no meeeeaan to. Mommy sorry?"

Okay, that's enough ... I didn't quite make it a full hour ... and now Natalie is telling me it's time to "Go UP-tairs. Go UP-tairs. Read books. New books from library."


Chief said...

So cute...I didn't know I could still read "toddler"...


so far we've only gotten to mama, dada, and baba. i would be cool with it if she just stuck to the basics for now.

Mira is triplet crown said...

Yeah, I think she's got you. Understanding everything you say and everything around her. You're in trouble now. Good luck pulling one over on her.

Raising Z said...

So cute! My little guy talks non-stop from morning until night. It is exhausting :)

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