Sunday, September 13, 2009

White Lies Told by MEme

I should start by saying that I have the worst Poker Face in the entire world. I also hate that stupid song by Lady Gaga, but that's way off topic. The truth is ... I am one big, ginormous "tell" and a known tattle-tale and perhaps a bit of a goody-two-shoes (that is such a weird expression), and everyone who knows me will confirm these simple truths.

I am really terrible at lying, even white lies. Yet, somehow, I came up with today's All About MEme topic. Go figure! Been kicking myself for about that past two hours trying to scrounge together a delightful post ... okay, that's a lie I've only been typing for about 10 minutes, but still ...

I'll let you in on a little secret - not a lie - but a secret. I thought up this silly little topic because I wanted to see what SupahMommy would reveal. I can hardly wait to read her naughty list of white lies ... all typed up with little regard for punctuation, just the way I like it :)

To my binky-sucking-addict ... "I'm sorry, honey, but mommy forgot your binky at home." This is my weak attempt at breaking her of that darn front-tooth-ruining piece of green rubber! Truthfully, I never leave home without one of those sanity-saving, peace-and-quiet-providing pieces of green rubber.

To my well-meaning yet opinionated and right-thinking dad ... "Of course I didn't vote for Obama. Why would I go and do something crazy and anti-Rush, like that?" Truthfully, I did vote for Obama, and I have tremendous faith that he will do amazing things for this country. And I cannot stand Rush Limbaugh!

To my students who gift me with lotion and candles ... "Oh, what a clever gift! How did you know I loved this scent?" Truthfully, I'd rather - much rather, in fact - receive a Starbucks gift card. I have more lotion and candles than I know what to do with! If you have school-aged children (or when you do), heed this little white lie ... all teachers are telling this one. P.S. Lotion and candles are gifts that scream, "You're stinky!" But it is the thought that counts ... could that be a white lie?

To someone explaining something I am not interested in and/or I don't understand ... "Oh, yeah, that makes sense. Totally." The other option would be admitting that I am clueless, and that's not going to happen :) Truthfully, if I am interested, I will ask questions - unless I can't figure out what to ask. If I want to understand but don't, I'll Google it when I get home!

To SupahMommy who just spent $5 of her hard-earned money to send me a copy of PhotoShop Elements ... "Thank you so much! This is awesome. Yeah, that Mac software totally works on a PC. No problem with the installation at all." Truthfully, now I know what I am asking Santa to bring me for Christmas this year ... :) P.S. Supah, I'll put it back in the mail to you ... with a little something-something for your trouble. XO ~ D

Now, it's your turn! You know you wanna!

  • Put together a post to reveal your deepest, darkest ... ummm ... WHITE LIES.
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SupahMommy said...

OHHHH NO! Was it ONLY Mac version????????

Son of a banana!

I have word for mac etc.. but I thought the adobe was for everything.

oh no.

Im so sorry.

and the teacher one .. killedme. lol!

and obama! Your dad!! lol.. he reads this right??

oh you is in some TRUUUUBBLE.

Emmett Joseph said...

Too funny..and I will vouch for everything you said about yourself, you little goody two shoes :) And I'm with ya on the lotion and candle fact, I sold them all at my garage sale last year and bought myself a little sumthin'-sumthin' at Nordstroms instead. Thank you, former students!

Chief said...

You are such a fibber! I loved the one to Supahmommy! I woulda just kept it and bought the correct one, all the while letting her think I was using hers. I am such a sucker!

Shell said...

Oh yes, the teacher, one...been there! Gift cards are the way to go, parents!

I have no poker face either...I can't help myself from giving people looks like I think they are crazy or that they are annoying me or that I want them to shut up.

Kathy said...

too funny.

and fyi . ... i accidentally added my name to the list and I didn't do mine .. yet! oops .. I don't know how to remove my name!!

sorry .. still trying to figure it all out!

Kathy said...

ok - mine is up now. phew :)

and I'm with you on the well-meaning yet opinionated and right-thinking dad thing :)

Lisa said...

You came up with some good ones to be a terrible liar. I'm actually the same way...I hate hate hate liars! So I TRY not to tell them really hard.

ItsKelly said...

Great list. I can relate to them all. I hate to admit when I don't understand something. I'll nod my head and say that it makes sense, and just pray that it all sinks in later.

Janelle said...

Gift cards all the way or at least a gift certificate to the mall....then you can use it at any store. Love all your little white lies. :)

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