Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GUS Update - Long Overdue

So a week ago I was in a much different state of mind ... let's be honest, I busted out the balloons and streamers and threw myself one heck of a Pity Party! I think I am past that now ... for the most part.

I am still frustrated with the prospect of coming out of a super-nauseous first trimester - when I just didn't feel like myself - to figuring out how to channel all this second trimester energy into some form of reduced activity - and still not really feeling like myself, at least not all of the time. The frustration isn't as much for myself as it is for CPV and NHV; they deserve my best but instead I am slacking on housework, depending on hubby more, conserving energy and just getting by somedays with NHV. And we're not talking about a week's worth of that; more like four months!

Ah, but that frustration does melt into the background (still there but blurred) when I think about the baby girl -
who needs to stay put for many, many weeks to come - growing inside me.

Let's see ... physically, my uterus is less grumpy than it was, but I am still having a lot of contractions - especially in the afternoon and evening. I've been keeping a running log (just on a notepad, not an Excel spreadsheet like some of you may be thinking!) of when I take the Motrin / Terbutaline and when I am having prolonged bouts of contractions.

I've taken the TERB four times in the past 8 days, which is better than being on it all the time - because it makes me a jittery, exhausted mess. My worst night was Thursday because I was really trying not to take the TERB and waited until 4:00 am, after about 8 hours of contractions, to intervene. I slept very little during that time. I keep thinking rest will be enough, but once the contractions settle into a regular pattern, that pattern is nearly impossible to break without the TERB.

Thankfully, I have an amazing friend - Deann who is also pregnant and due just before me and has a daughter the same age as Natalie - who came and picked up NHV on Friday morning so I could rest until about lunchtime. I cannot tell you what a saving grace that was for me and for Natalie. You are such a dear friend, Deann ... and the soup and muffins were absolutely delicious :)

My best days were Saturday and Sunday. I was practically contraction-free, which almost worried me because I am growing so accustomed to the pain. But what a blessing to have two full, restful days for me, BGV 2.0, and my GUS!

I meet with the specialist again today ... to have my cervical length evaluated (doesn't that sound delightful?), to get a peek at BGV 2.0, and to discuss continued treatment. I wonder how Dr. P will feel about the terbutaline doses I needed?

So, that's the update. Sorry it was somewhat delayed. I really appreciate the love and support as I make my way through the second half of my pregnancy. Oh, and I have had several belly shot requests ... I'll see what I can do about that :)


SupahMommy said...

cant' wait to hear!!

you take whatever you need to be comfortable.. i hate hearing that you did it for 8 hours d.. 8 hours... ughh.. you've got to be exhausted.. it has to take a toll on you

and the spreadsheet.

you are SO itchin to do it.

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

I couldn't stand not sleeping that much.
I hope the appointment goes well today. Please update.


thinking about you and hoping all goes well - contractions are bad enough during labor - can't imagine having them all time - hang in there!

Jessica said...

I agree, you are clearly dying to do the spreadsheet. Then you could take a GRAPH in for your next appointment! (Hopefully a flat one with the line near 0, of course).

Sebastian seems to be dropping his morning nap, which means his schedule should match up with NHV's better. Just let us know when we can take her with us on a morning outing!

Epiphius said...

If we can help out and take NHV for a morning or evening, please just let me know! When's a good morning this week or next?

Deann said...

Sorry about the pity party ... I know it has been hard. :-(

You are most welcome and anytime! Really, here to help!

FYI: Let me know if you want to come over for some belly shots, maybe we can do a reciprocal photo shoot :-)

megangegwich said...

Since this is my first comment on a blog ever, I don't know if I clicked on the right part. I read about your contractions and all of the medication changes for BGV. We missed you on Sunday but now I really see what you are going through. If Ali and I can do anything, let me know. If you want Geoff and I to take Natalie to the aquarium some weekend if you and Chad need a break, just let us know. We have the minivan now and we can just throw the car seat in! The girls were so cute giggling, running, and playing together. Take care and let me know if I can help. Megan

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