Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good News, Bad News - Rapid Fire Randomness

Good News: I have seen two gorgeous rainbows this weekend: one outside Costco and another behind my house.

Bad News:
You do know what causes rainbows, right? Yep, it's been raining here - on and off - all weekend.

Good News: We've even had some thunder, a rarity in this part of the country ... and I love thunder! It reminds me of summer nights in the Midwest, sitting in the garage with my daddy to watch storms roll over.

Bad News: We were stuck inside the house all day, and NHV nearly drove me bonkers! If this is a glimpse of what the fall / winter is going to be like ... I may not make it.

Good News: During my day stuck inside, I made a blueberry cobbler, which used up the remainder of the 2lbs. of berries I bought this week. And it looks really delicious ...

Bad News: I am waiting for Chad to finish a coat of paint in the master bath ... so we can cut into that cobbler, toss a big scoop of 'nilla ice cream on top, and chow down!

Good News: We are having a Trading Spaces kind of weekend in our master bedroom and bath. I am so excited to have a new color on the walls, new bedding, new curtains, ... the works!

Bad News: There was a ceiling color debacle - who knew there was such a difference in shades of white? - that involved repainting ... and poor CPV has been painting around the clock for three days now.

Good News: My husband is amazing - in so many ways - when it comes to home improvement and meticulous results.

Bad News: It seems that tomorrow will mean another day of painting ... and another night of sleeping in the guest room for us.

Good News: We had a delicious (and easy) dinner tonight. There is a store of beef brisket in the freezer from when Mimi visited a few weeks ago. I threw together some mash potatoes and broccoli and called it Sunday dinner :)

More Good News: Natalie ate like a champ ... even the broccoli! After two helpings of "mash tatoes," she asked for more ...

Bad News: ... and proceeded to fill her hands with it, "keeze" it, and clap it - remnants flew all over the dining room - and run it through her hair and down her face.

Good News: ... and all I could do was laugh at her pure joy ... and take a picture!


BJ_Mama said...

Sounds almost EVERY dinner at our house! I wish we maybe lived closer together (I think our girls would get along famously)

Epiphius said...

That is a priceless pic!

Evonne said...

I love mashed potato messes! My son was good for those when he was little. Cute pic!!

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