Sunday, September 20, 2009

All About MEme Monday: TV for MEme

First and foremost, I am about to reveal something shocking-a-locking ... but I think it's important for you all to know ... and understand ... and appreciate ... and still love me, 'kay?

Prepare yourselves ...

I don't have cable. I haven't had cable since NHV was about three months old; she's more than two years old now. We don't have rabbit ears or anything crazy like that ... I don't even think those things work anymore, do they? We have 12 channels - the networks plus Discovery plus PBS. It was a sacrifice but at least I talked my husband into keeping the internet connection ... can you even imagine? No, it's just to horrible to even consider ... aaaaaaahhhhh!

Most days I am okay without cable. I don't even really miss it ... that much. It requires a lot less channel flipping now to realize the same thing I realized with hundreds of channels ... there's really nothing on ...

But I do manage to watch my fair share of network shows - sometimes online or on NetFlix, sometimes "real time." The major drawback to watching "live" is the time zone here. Shows don't even start until 8:00 and the news isn't until 11:00. That's late, folks!

And so without further randomness, I give you my LISTS (I am such a rule breaker!):

If I had cable, which I don't ...
  1. True Blood - I watched the first season thanks to boot-legged copies on the internet but haven't stooped that low again

  2. Weeds - my friend Tammy got me hooked and she's hooked me up with the DVDs for every season; I watch the episodes one right after another - like an addiction!

  3. Project Runway - I adore this show and should probably try to watch it online (in my spare time)

  4. Top Chef -I adore this show and should probably try to watch it online (in my spare time) ... I love copy-and-paste

Not To Be Missed - under any circumstances
  1. Heroes - I didn't watch this show when it first came out, but CPV and I watched two seasons on Netflix in a matter of like one week - there were nights we'd watch 3 episodes in a row and then complain about being tired the next morning! Season 3 was a little weird, but I am definitely back for more in Season 4! (That's my Heroes cheer; just made it up!)

  2. One Tree Hill - I am the biggest sucker for high school drama. While they aren't in high school anymore, I am so compelled to follow each character through their individual trials and tribulations. I am such a dork! And Chad Michael Murray is pretty h-o-t!

  3. Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice - I am counting this as one show and hoping ABC continues to run them back-to-back. Ummm, hello, I live in Seattle, so really I don't need an excuse to watch Grey's :)

  4. Friday Night Lights - If you don't know how I feel about Tim Riggins (aka Taylor Hirsch), you should really take a moment to read here and here. He's enough reason to keep me coming back season-after-season. But I also enjoy the coach and his wife ... and the drama of a small town in Texas where high school football is a metaphor for the game of life.

  5. Survivor - I have watched this show since season 1 and haven't missed an episode since. I know I should be over it by now, but I'm not ...

Intriguing & New - based purely on first impression via commercial previews

  1. FlashForward - CPV is all excited about this one, so I figure I'll watch, too :)

  2. Community - I don't love most 30-minute comedy shows but the previews look hilarious.

  3. Glee on Fox - I keep hearing lots of buzz about this, and I hate to miss out on a good thing.

  4. theForgotten - good Samaritans "putting right what once went wrong," just like Sam Beckett on my all-time favorite Quantum Leap - minus the time traveling plus Christian Slater ... sure, why not?

When Boredom (or bedrest) Sets in - whichever comes first :)
  1. V - I'd tune in mainly because I can remember watching the mini-series with my dad like a bazillion years ago, and I think it's so funny that they are trying this again! The scene where the lady gave birth to an alien still haunts me and cracks me up!

  2. Cougar Town - What was once a MILF is now a cougar (or a puma as my brother says), and Courtney Cox has the potential to be funny ... as long as I can forget Monica.

  3. Accidentally on Purpose - I love Dharma - don't know her actress name but she's funny.

Why Not?
  1. How I Met Your Mother - I wish I could be friends with Barney :)

  2. Scrubs - JD and Turk, you are almost as funny as SupahMommy!

Not Even if you Paid Me
  1. The Jay Leno Show - seriously? 5 nights of this crap? NBC executives have lost their minds!

Everyone else is doing it ... Give into the peer pressure!

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Tyler said...

One Tree Hill = hands down worst actors and plots I've ever seen on television. Scrubs, HIMYM, Dexter, Californication, Weeds, Entourage, Hung, and Big Cat Diary are where it's at.

Miss. Candy said...

Wow, I really need to get with it because I have never heard of most of those shows!! I guess that just validates that I have NO free time and what I do have, I can be found on here blogging! lol!

Evonne said...

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy! I can't wait for Thursday when it starts back up again!

I agree with on Leno. I didn't watch him when his show was on later. Partly because it was on too late and I'm not a huge fan. Just because his show is on earlier now does not mean I will watch!

Jen said...

Glee is total cornball and I'm addicted! Agree re: Jay Leno... never watched it before, wouldn't watch it if the only other thing on was Access Hollywood. Love True Blood and The Vampire Diaries and you can't beat a good Friends re-run - no other show makes me laugh out loud multiple times per episode! Why doesn't the cast give up their miserably failed attempts as movie careers and just go back to $1m PER SHOW!

Shelly said...

I don't know if we could do without cable at our house! It's something that we look forward to watching. Although, we do get Netflix so I guess we could just watch those if we had to.

Lisa Anne said...

I think I could live without cable to be honest. You can watch a lot of shows on HULU.

Weeds is a great show, it has it's boring moments but it always makes a great comeback.

In my opinion you are not missing out on anything in regards to true blood. Unless you like to watch vampire PORNOS. All it is sex.

Melissa said...

I haven't seen any of the new One Tree Hill episodes... I do still watch reruns on SOAP...
Oh and I used to LOVE watching FNL... is it still on?? I agree about Riggins...although I might end up your "cempetition".. hee-hee!! :)

Lisa said...

Survivor is #1. I love it. So far after one episode I HATE Russell and Hillbilly. I can find the ones I dislike real quick. It takes a while to figure out who I like. I will say that surgeon...the leader on one of the teams is a cutie-patootie to me. :)

I wanna see flask forward and thanks for reminding me of community and forgotten.

Your word verification is propolin...isn't that what killed MJ?

Lisa Anne said...

Oh God Coral and the MIZ, they were the best. I remember their season of the Real World. She was so mean to him and then look, they became best buds. LOL

MTV certainly has left me with some gret memories. LOL

Shell said...

It's embarrassing to admit just how many of these shows I do watch...and none of them are even on my list. I have a tv problem.

But, Top Chef and Project Runway: I love them both. The talent and creativity amaze me.

Jacquelyn said...

Meh, we don't watch tv - haven't missed it. However, I have 'Netflixed' shows like Weeds and How I Met Your Mother on the recommendation of my sister. Most of the other shows I've never heard of.

Raising Z said...

I too gave up cable (and my beloved DVR) when Z was a baby in order to save money. I have a few more stations than you do but it amazing how I don't really miss all the other stuff now that I don't have it. I too think Leno's new show is crap! :)

Chi-town momma said...

you sure do watch a lot of shows! Pretty much the only thing I can commit to is One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy for shows and of course Sunday is a huge TV fest while watching football!!!! We could totally ditch cable if we didn't need to have the Sunday Ticket for our football viewing addiction! In the long run it is much cheaper to pay for the the ticket than it is to go to a bar and get a sitter every Sunday for 5 months!

SupahMommy said...



and paragraphs for that matter.

i'll expect my apology note sometime this week. i'll be standing by my inbox in case you're looking for a face to face SO SORRY.


SupahMommy said...

Ok.. so back to my Mommybrain.

First. I saved your bloggy for very last. :) It's my new way to end my evening ... finish up commenting on our late comers.. (WTheck PEOPLE?? and then head over to see what D came up with. You never dissapoint.

I laughed at several points.. out loud and along with delilah.. or deeeliiilah.
my favs.

can you even imagine? No, it's just to horrible to even consider ... aaaaaaahhhhh!

I WOULD be a valid participant in any polls you made up.. that involved choosing teams and WOOPING YOUR BOOTAYS... even across the nation from each other. LET'S GET ON THAT.

.. I love copy-and-paste

Sam Beckett on my all-time favorite Quantum Leap


also.. I love copy and paste:

V: omg.. I LOVED THAT SHOW! the alien: ME TOOOO! I perfected the V hand signal in 5th grade.

SCRUBS: there are very few comedic teams that do it alll right... I LOVE THEM TOO... i piss myself always with him on the scooter.

and you are so nice. but they are way totally funnier.. and they get paid.

and last... following up on a comment from my baby sweetness that i saw you left fer me.
ahem COUGAR.

I left one 4 YOU too. :)
winky emoticon..lmaooooo

AND now.. I have one more reason to go back through the ENTIRE LIST looking at comments.


pick next weeks.

you're the best...

Epiphius said...

CMM is no longer on OTH!

And Scrubs isn't on my list anymore, but I'll really probably watch it since it's one of Andy's faves!

Chi-town momma said...

My hubs calls cougars pumas too! Don't think he is in with the 20 crowd, I think he just did it to be funny. Now I think he can't remember which is the correct term and which is his made up term. Goof!

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