Monday, August 31, 2009

Five Quirks About MEme

The dingo ate my baby, indeed! (This will make more sense if you visit SupahMommy's post.)

No seriously, people, I started reading some Jodi Picoult book before bed last night ... Vanishing something or other ... the opening scene a four year old had wandering away from her preschool (WTF?) and was found hours upon hours later at the top of some mountain ... thanks to the help of one of those sniffing dogs. Anyway, I am awake at the butt crack of morning after dreaming/nightmaring all night long about my baby and babies of friends being lost.

First words, I read after that kind of trauma ... SupahMommy's heeelarious ...

The dingo ate my me-me! (in case you still haven't read SupahMommy's post)

Visions of babies who are lost and chewed up!

I am scarred for life, I tell ya! Thanks a lot, D!

ANYHOO ... if there is a point to this post, I should probably get at it, huh? Not easy after taking two luxurious days off from bloggin' ... and contracting (more on that later).

SupahMommy - a crazy chica I actually know in real life ... and I am whole-heartedly willing to admit that, btw - got this silly notion that we could put on a little blog carnival, a little meme - if you're down with that.

And this is how it really went down ... I threw out the idea, and she got all control fareeeaky on me - grabbed the bull by the balls or whatever - and named it and MrLinkied it ... and threw in a Ne-Yo reference for good measure. Yeah, she pretty much rocks my world :)

So ... every Monday, we are going to sponsor a meme about ME, I mean, YOU. We'll give you the chance to write something terribly interesting, clever, delightful about yourself and link up so that lots of other sassy bloggers will stop by and read about ME, I mean, YOU.

Today's theme is 5 Quirks about ME:
  1. I did not eat cream cheese, yogurt, mayonnaise, or sour cream before having my first child. I was not a big fan of white foods with unusual textures, for whatever reason. Now, all bets are off, and I eat all of those things - often. Something in my brain/appetite went all wonky during pregnancy ...

  2. I cry during performances of America's Got Talent ... and I don't think I can blame it entirely on my current pregnancy hormones. I also stood and sobbed like a baby during an outdoor holiday parade ... because everyone was just so happy!

  3. I use the ellipse ... like a common, everyday form of punctuation, which obviously it's not ... but I swear I actually see those three little dots ... in my head when I am writing / typing.

  4. I do not change the toilet paper roll after it's empty ... I just grab a new roll and set it on the nearest surface, and it drives my husband crazy! When I do finally get around to changing it, I throw the empty tube-thingy on the floor and leave it there.

  5. I absolutely adore back-to-school supplies and new backpacks and the first day of school. I am so sad to be missing that this year.

If you decide to join us - and why wouldn't you, really? - head over to Supah's place to add your post to the Mr. Linky, and we'll come read and comment (ever-so-cleverly) on every post ... right, Supah?

Much meme love,



Amy said...

Stopping by SITS to say Happy Monday. Great list.

SupahMommy said...

NO WAY! I can't believe you two things


and that you are a toilet paper SETTER.

Here's to 3 Linky goal. : )

and my word verification was

just so you know.. that sounds like something you'd say...
instead of ditto.

Miss Mel said...

I needed that after a weekend with my in-laws. I wish the dingo would eat them! "NASTY NASTY" as our little Maggers says.
I can't linky to my bloggy, so I will post the 5 things here, cause I am a rebel today...but only today:

1. I am extremely sentimental. I have a hard time throwing cards (especially cute homemade ones) away that people have sent or made me. I feel like it is a sin or something..I mean they took the time for me :) For example, I still have a turkey that Deb made me from her class the first year of teaching I have hung up every year in every house I have lived in. Also, I have several cards and notes from Dana that I have saved over the years.

2. When our son was a little over a year, I was doing airplane with him and he puked in my mouth as I was holding him above me. Still to this day have never played that game again. GAHHHHHH!

3. I think in Facebook posts styles sometimes. (MOTHER-in-law about to get a beat down) for example

4. The only person who I do not like mad at me is my husband. I have learned to handle everybody else being mad at me :)

5. My "crutch phrase" is I'm Sorry

LOve you D and D :)


i am blog-tarded so i don't know where i am supposed to put the five things that annoy me.

1) being blog-tarded
2) time going into hyper-speed when my children are asleep
3) when the poop escapes the diaper and crawls up my daughter's back
4) adam sandler
5) macaroni and cheese without enough cheese

Yara said...

love that you guys did this : )

Lisa said...

I use these.... too! All the time. I also see them in my head when talking or typing...whatever. I just didn't kow what they were called. I always think dotdotdot. Too funny!
I even had dotdotdot on my FB status not to long ago.

Big Mama Cass said...

awesome!! i will be participating in these in the future!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I don't eat any of the things you listed in #1...and ellipses are most favorite thing EVER...

Charlene said...

I am addicted to using ellipses, though for the life of me I wouldn't have been able to tell you what they were called until I read your post. Thanks for educating me! I too just sit the toilet paper on whatever surface I can find, but I do eventually put it on the roll and throw the other way...but usually only when the new roll is almost half way gone!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hate that I missed your Meme carnival this week...I'll check in next week though!

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

Oh, well, sorry to give credit where credit wasn't due. And Supah did give you credit - oops.
So, you rock that Meme and I'll try to keep up.

mrs.alderman said...

I didn't know about the toilet paper thing. I could never live with you. :)

Kelly said...

LOL!... ellipse... are always necessary!

SupahMommy said...

BOO-YA! lol... look at our particpation! When DV stops have GU.. we'll post up our " prep" for monday. :)

Emmett Joseph said...

Didn't link up, but here are my five:
1) I LOVE countdowns, about absolutely anything...25 hottest celebrity bodies, 50 most romantic vacation spots, Top 100 Scariest Movie Moments...I will watch every minute, read every word...and remain completely riveted no matter how boring they are.
2) I DO NOT like birds...I have this abnormal fear of them flying overhead and pooping on me.
3) I cried when Gilmore Girls went off the air. I think because I secretly believe there is a town like Stars Hollow and I will live there someday. Don't know if this qualifies as a quirk, but who cares?
4) I don't like the smell of vanilla or mint--they give me a headache.
5) I too love ellipses, but parentheses are a great runner-up (don't you agree?)

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