Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Snapshot in Time

In one week ... just seven short days ... my baby girl will turn one year old. I am in complete awe of how much my life has changed in the past 358 days. I want so much to hold onto the baby that she is right now, and at the same time, I can't wait to see who she'll be tomorrow!

At this snapshot in time, Natalie ...
  1. is officially weaned and drinking from a both a bottle and a sippy cup
  2. double-fists her binkies, when given the chance; sucking on one, clutching the other in her hand, and then switching
  3. greets me with a big smile whenever she sees me and hurries to be in my arms; she does the same for her daddy :)
  4. turns the pages of her books with tremendous concentration and delight
  5. puts her hands up over her head in reply to my question, "How big is Natalie?"
  6. is obsessed with eebee; when she's feeling "out-of-sorts" just the sight of the DVD case makes everything right in her world, and she must hold the case while she watches
  7. eats pieces of turkey meatballs, string cheese, strawberries, and Veggie Booty ... all with true enthusiasm and mmmmmms
  8. is very attached to her "lovey" - an orange, striped kitty cat
  9. still lets me rock her and sing to her; she snuggles right up against my neck and tickles me!
  10. cruises around furniture and lets go - a little more bravely than I would like - and insists on climbing the stairs with mommy right behind her, of course

Oh, she is so amazing and wonderful. My heart is so full it aches ... in a very good way!

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TX momma said...

Oh what a beautiful, heartfelt post! You and your NHV are both such special people!
Miss you bunches!

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