Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kitchen Cabinet Fun

Ummm ... this may qualify me as a "bad" mom or at least one that shouldn't check her email during morning playtime ... but I am willing to admit my lapse in good mommy judgement because this photo is so precious!

Despite my hubby's protests, I've given Natalie access to one cabinet in the kitchen. She loves to play with the few pieces of plasticware and water bottles and what-not. When she's had enough of her bazillion toys and books, this is a guaranteed baby-pleaser.

This morning I looked up from my laptop to see this MESS all over the kitchen floor.

And then I realized that Natalie was no where to be found. A head scratch and a few squeaks later, and it became obvious that my sweet girl had reached a whole new level of kitchen cabinet FUN. S
o I did what any good blogging momma would do. I grabbed my camera, and snapped this photo. Oh, it just makes me smile!

Oh, and the same day, I found Louie napping ... on the bathroom counter ... in a pile of tissues he had pulled from the box.


~d said...

I'm not sure which is cuter dammit!

I love it. The plastic cabinet is a big hit in my family too... I also resort to the wooden spoons and pots as well. Then 2 minutes later I realize my mistake. :)

TX momma said...

I adore these pics of NHV! It just seems to showcase her little personality so well!!! Miss you both bunches!

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