Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another of my Favorite Things: Baby Says Peekaboo

So I'm going to try to add a little structure to the chaos that is my blog ... and the first bit of "organization," if you will ... is to give you A Few of My Favorite Things at the beginning of each month. Hope you enjoy ... and hope I remember next month :)

Baby Says PeekaBoo
I would not be exaggerating in the least to say that NHV loves this book. And, well, for that reason, I love it, too! Her faces absolutely lights up at just the sight of it. Once the pages are turned and the flaps are lifted ... to reveal some very cute babies ... Natalie just grins and squeals, a combination I can't live a single day without! She started being able to lift the flaps herself more than a month ago, which just added to the excitement. The book asks, "Where's the baby? Is she behind the beach ball?" When you lift the flap you find the adorable baby featured on the cover of the book ... the hat tipped to the side and the lips puckered. Natalie's favorite is the baby boy hiding behind the washcloth. He as curly blond hair, a toothy grin, and a rubber ducky in his hand; a combination that my daughter simply can't resist. The photographed babies make this book so charming and fun. There are tons of other books in this series. We also own Bedtime Peekaboo, but the Baby version continues to be our favorite.

I will try to get a little video clip of Natalie "reading" this book ...
Happy July 1st :)

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Emmett Joseph (and Mama) said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Emmett and I will have to get this!

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