Monday, July 21, 2008

Another First: Day at the Lake

It was a gorgeous day here in the NW. We enjoyed it with Chad's brother, aka Uncle Gare-Gare, who was here visiting from AZ ... wish his family could've been here, too! We missed you, Elaina, Riley, and Lily!
The day started with some post-camping trip ... lounging ... and then we headed out to see a few sights before Gary's evening departure. First stop, the requisite and close-by tourist attraction, Snoqualmie Falls ... if you've ever been to my house here in the NW, you've also been to see the falls ... it's just part of the package!

From there, we went to Pine Lake Park to take a dip in the lake. I conveniently forgot my bathing suit, and therefore didn't get in the water - at least not past my shins. A) I am not sure lake swimming is really my thing - there's like a whole life cycle happening in there! B) I've worn a bathing suit this season - to the pool here in my 'hood - but I am not sure if this post-baby bod is really ready for large-scale public viewing. Regardless of my issues with lakes and my body, we had a great time! Natalie hesitated for about two minutes before really enjoying herself. She looked especially cute in her new, hand-me-down bathing suit from cousin Lily ... her mom always finds the best stuff, and she writes about some of it over at Fun Finds for Mom (there's a little shameless plug for my SIL) and Gary checked an entire extra bag of clothes for NHV ... major score! Goodness I lack focus this evening ...
Anyway, aside from the swim diaper full of sand and what-not, there weren't any blogworthy mishaps ... darn it! I would guess that Natalie, unike her mommy, is a lake swimmer ... at least until she figures out all the yuck that's happening in that water! And as a bonus, here's a few of the many blogworthy photos from Natalie's first Day at the Lake:

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It can't just be me. She really is adorable, right?


TX momma said...

oh my goodness. The bottom two rows in the middle - she looks like a completely different little girl! But yes, she is gorgeous! I can't wait to see her again and watch our little nuggets play so sweetly together! :)

Elaina said...

You're so sweet! I loved the lake pics - and seeing Natalie in the bathing suit. Yes, she is definitely adorable. I need to get up there for a visit!!

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