Thursday, July 3, 2008

Playground Plea

As we near the park, Natalie leans forward in her stroller and squeals with delight. Just the thought of swinging and seeing all the other kiddos gets her all kinds of excited. I'm fairly new to the playground scene. But based on frequency of visits, I feel like I have the right to make an observation/plea.

There are only two "baby" swings at our neighborhood "big" park. This presents quite a problem when there are more than two little ones at the park, which is pretty much always the case. Now the likelihood of our HOA installing more baby swings is slim to none, and so I must rely on my fellow mommies (and daddies) to approach this problem with a bit of etiquette. We have to share those darn swings. You cannot plop your baby/toddler in the swing for a 30-minute ride. Let your kid have his/her jollies for an appropriate 5 minutes, and then step aside so those of us waiting patiently can have a turn. Otherwise, you can expect an occasional evil eye pointed in your direction. If you are looking for serious disdain from your fellow park-goers, hog the swing and CHAT ON YOUR CELL PHONE while completely ignoring your child ... yeah, that's always a crowd-pleaser!

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TX momma said...

I have witnessed the cell phone talker/ignore her child's not a pretty site! Boohiss

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