Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Playdate

We kicked off Natalie's Birthday Celebration the way any fun-loving one year old should ... with a playdate! On Thursday afternoon, we had five babies and their mommies over for a little fun in the sun! And thankfully it was a beautiful and warm day here in the NW. The babies played in the backyard with beach balls and assorted toys (included our Chicco activity table, which is always a big hit!). The mommies chatted and took lots of photos. Natalie looked so cute in her Birthday Princess shirt (a gift from Grandma Sarah in VA) and making hot pink shorts. Refreshments included mini funfetti cupcakes for the one-and-under-crowd and a funfetti cake - baked in a Bundt pan and topped with my new "special" icing recipe* - for those of us with a higher tolerance for sugar :) Tammy, Owen's mom, provided impromptu entertainment that had all the babies laughing ... she used her finger and mouth to making a popping noise, and the crowd went wild!
I just loved watching Natalie playing with her buddies. And I couldn't help reminiscing about our first, of many, playdates ... Natalie wasn't even 4 months old yet, and if I am being honest, playdates back then were more for the mommies than the babies. In 8 short months, we have both made some really good friends. I am so thankful to have such supportive and fun mommy friends :)

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My "special" icing recipe is ridiculously simply but also really delicious. Use a mixer to blend together one container of Pillsbury white icing with half a container of Cool Whip. The result if lighter and fluffy and not quite so sweet; the outcome I was hoping for :)

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