Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shiver Me Letters, A Pirate ABC

Occasionally I've highlighted "A few of my favorite things" here in my little blog world, and I just realized that the past two were actually books, and well, I have quite a few more books I feel are blogworthy ... so perhaps I need a new category. Any suggestions? How about "Books I don't mind reading like a bazillion times ..."

While you ponder that, let me tell you about one of many new books Natalie has received in the past month. It's a book that Chad bought for her ... all by himself. He came home from work the other day carrying a bag with two children's books inside, and my first reaction was, "Did you find those somewhere?" Or "Who gave you those?" He had just for no reason at all bought two new books for our NHV ... not that she needs more books ... it was such a sweet, simple gesture!

Both books are fantastic, but I want to tell you about "Shiver Me Letters" by June Sobel. Who can resist a good pirate story? It is especially cute when Chad reads it in his pirate accent. And I am a complete sucker of a clever ABC book, so pretty much this book "had me at hello" if you know what I'm saying!

The story is about a captain and his crew searching for booty, in this case the letters of the alphabet other than R ... you see, the captain already has "R" 'cause that's what a pirate says, "aaaargh" ... get it?
Here's an excerpt from the first pages: "R," roared the captain. "R's not enough. We need other letters to help make us tough." Each letter is found in some pirate-themed way, and the illustrations are humorous and colorful.

There isn't any deep message in this book - if that's what you're looking for, I am guessing that you don't do much of your reading to a one year old. And, hey, if I am going to read a book like a bazillion times, which mommies often do, I might as well read a book that is this much fun and so very clever!

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June Sobel said...

I occasionally "google" myself to see what's up with my books and I found your post. I thought I'd leave a comment to help you reach your goal of 100 comments. RRR - so glad you have enjoyed Shiver Me Letters. Little ones and parents also like The Goodnight Train.It puts the kids to sleep! Don't worry your brain will return....in a few years!

June Sobel

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