Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July, Ten Years Worth

Today, along with every other American on the planet, we will celebrate the Fourth of July. We will also celebrate our wedding anniversary. Hubby and I were married on July 4, 1998. Are you doing the math? That's right, this year is our 10-year anniversary! After nine years of celebrating this holiday and our anniversary as a couple, today the three of us will be celebrating as a family.

As our lives are marked by another exciting first, I wanted to take a look back at those nine pre-Natalie Fourths ... knowing and loving the fact that from now on our celebrations will always include our sweet baby girl.

1998: Although we were living in FL at the time, we were married in my hometown in IL. Our reception was at this darling lodge called Pere Marquette, and we could see fireworks over the Mississippi River. Chad remembers pulling 189 bobby pins from my hair ... what can I say, an updo was all the rage then.

1999: We had just moved to Northern Virginia. To commemorate our first anniversary, we bought a large, rustic armoire now in our dining room. And we rode the Metro to downtown Washington, DC to watch the fireworks ... I will long remember the sight of the Washington Monument in silhouette against the exploding sky

2000: We traveled - with flight privileges - to Europe and spent 12 days touring various countries. Our friends Missy and Joe hosted us at their home in Austria.

2001: After just moving into our first home, we watch the DC fireworks again, this time from the Pentagon ... only a few months before 9/11.

2002: Our fourth on the 4th included a trip to Austin, TX to hang out with high school friends and a surprise gift of diamond earrings!

2003: We celebrated with friends and watched fireworks - roadside - in Virginia.

2004: I made the trip back to my hometown and watched fireworks over the Mississippi River with my family. From there, Chad and I traveled to Hawaii and then Montana.

2005: Chad took my brother Tyler on a "man journey" while I relaxed on the beach in Hawaii with my friend Heather.

2006: We had just moved to the NW and drove to nearby Bellevue to watch several different displays from a dock on Lake Washington.

2007: This time last year, I was big and pregnant and mildly uncomfortable. My brother, Tyler, was living with us. And the three of us celebrated with neighbors at the annual cul-de-sac party.

2008: This year we'll hang with some of my mommy friends and then be back at the cul-de-sac party, juggling Natalie while we visit and eat. And hopefully she'll sleep through what promises to be a very loud fireworks show - just a few houses down from ours. The true celebration will take place in February at a tropical location.

Happy Anniversary, Chad Patrick.
And Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


TX momma said...

Happy Anniversary my friend! Look at how much your life has changed over the years...isn't it nice to know what a great place you are in right now? I'm so happy for your family!
Love and smooches,

Emmett Joseph (and Mama) said...

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. It seems like just yesterday I was standing next to you at your wedding. I was also thinking about that anniversary in Austria today--what a great time! I can still hearing Chad yelling "Achtung!" I am so, so happy for your little family!!!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary sis! It is amazing how life changes in 10 short years. I remember how beautiful the wedding was and of course how gorgeous a bride you made. Chad is a lucky guy. Don't let him forget it. :) Love ya!

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