Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Delightful Tuesday

I should probably go with the title "Terrific Tuesday" for the sake of alliteration, but I really enjoy the word "delightful," and so it has been a delightful Tuesday ... here's why ...

First of all, I woke up at 6 am to cloudy skies and a crying baby ... not delightful, you say? Well, after a quick diaper change and cuddle in the glider, Natalie, and therefore I, went back to sleep until 9:00! Yep, delightful! As for my optimistic attitude about the weather, it's kind of nice to have a break from the sunshine and warm temperatures ... as much as I'll miss both come winter in the NW.

After a breakfast of blueberry bagel with cream cheese and a cup of chai tea latte for me, yogurt, strawberries, and a banana for my sweet NHV, it was time to play and get stuff done. Natalie was so content looking at books - she loves to turn the pages, taking her blocks out of the tub and putting them back, chatting with her stuffed animals, ... it is such a delight to watch her play! And I managed to get all kinds of stuff done while enjoying time with my favorite one year old :)

Just before noon, we headed out for our only commitment of the day, an Issy Mom's event intriguing entitled "Live Pigs Doing Tricks." (I can almost hear a collective, "delightful," even as I type!) Not a chance I was missing this one! The title was perfectly accurate and the pigs were quite talented. I am guessing all of the humor went way over Natalie's head, but she had a great time watching all the people and being somewhere besides our house - oh, the novelty of it all! My favorite part was watching the pigs' owners, an older couple who obviously enjoyed what they were doing. I gave me great joy to know that these two had found each other and found a way to enjoy life - by raising and training pet pigs to entertain crowds of toddlers and parents - I mean does it get any better than that? I know that seems silly, but it really did make me happy :) It was pretty funny to watch the pigs in action; they did things like shooting a soccer ball into a net, riding a skateboard, jumping through a hoop, and spelling words. If you ever have the chance to watch "live pigs doing tricks," I highly recommend you make time in your busy schedule!

Can you see the pig and the cute old couple up there on the stage?

Just to prove that we were there (jealous?) ... a close-up of my NHV!

On the way home from watching the pigs, I decided to succumb to my lunchtime craving ... I had Jack-in-the-Box: two tacos no salsa and an order of curly fries ... always delightful in my book! Hoping to continue my winning streak, I called the number printed on my receipt and took the survey for a chance to win $10,000 ... now, that would be delightful!

By this time, Natalie had been awake for more than 4 hours, and she was plum-tuckered out (I love that expression!). As a result, she took a 3 hour nap! Ummm, hello, 3 hours of uninterrupted mommy time ... perhaps the highest level of delightfulness! I caught up on some blog-reading and emailing and flair gifting. Basically, I wasted those 3 hours exactly as I wanted to .... hip, hip hooray!

Dinner was a simple pleasure - breakfast for dinner. Chad makes the best eggs! And my contribution, toast - buttered and jammed with love - was also a crowd pleaser :) Tonight's playtime extravaganza included a theatrical reading of a new book, "Shiver Me Letters" by Chad, the introduction of a tactile tub of rice, a little step-taking practice, and several rounds of "What's on daddy's head?"

Notice who's actually "playing" with the rice? Yeah, that'd be me, the grown up!

After all that delightful family playtime - with Natalie cracking us up and wearing us out - we put the baby to bed and caught up on two missed episodes of The Mole. I am a total reality show junkie, and I jump at the chance to curl up on the couch with my hubby ... especially when he obliges me with a head rub ... delightful!

Hope your day was equally delightful!
First person to comment with the correct number of times I included the word delightful in this post gets a percentage of my JITB prize money :)


TX momma said...

Pick me! PIck me! I count 12 delightfuls, including the title and offer, but not including the delight and delightfulness...you have always been such a grammar gal that I wasn't sure what the rules would be! You have also been one lucky biatche here lately that I was hoping to cash in on your luck! Momma needs some new shoes!!!

Emmett Joseph (and Mama) said...

OK, Tx Momma, you can have half the winnings if Dana will just ship me some tacos--not one darn JITB anywhere near Boulder--can you imagine???
By the way, I'm with you on the word "delightful", I use it often as well. It makes me think "full of light" (not sure where the de- came from, but it does sound better than just "lightful") :)

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