Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bumkins Messiest Eater Contest

I've been in love with Bumkins Bibs since Natalie ate her first spoonful of rice cereal! And now, I love them even more ... especially now that she's self-feeding all sorts of delicacies and since I recently won a Bumkins Bib (the third in our collection) and because today I got a very exciting email! The message was from Ashley, who is a Marketing Assistant with Bumkins Finer Baby Products, and here's what she had to say, "Natalie has been selected as a winner of our Messiest Eater Contest! She just looked adorable in the photo in her SuperBib with all that cottage cheese on her face! We could not resist picking her as a winner!"

You want to see the photo, right? Of course you do! Well, the truth of the matter is, I am not 100% sure which shot I submitted. You see, I took more than 30 pictures of Natalie eating cottage cheese ... over the course of like two days ... yes, I know that's ridiculous, but I just couldn't help myself! But I am fairly certain it was one of these; regardless you get the point ...

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she's cute,
she's messy,
she's eating cottage cheese,
she's wearing a Bumkins Bib, ...
and she's been named a winner in the
Bumkins Messiest Eater Contest!
Woo Hoo!


TX momma said...

AHHH...her celebrity status has arrived! She is the first baby I know to actually win a contest - everyone THINKS their baby is the cutest, but now you KNOW she is! (or is at least tied with my little nugget!)

Elaina said...

Yay Messy Natalie! You are on a roll with your contest wins. Time to buy a lottery ticket!

Laura said...

We are taking this kid with us to the gambling boat! She is cute as a darn button and lucky too! As Kaylee would say...she must have eaten her lucky charms today. LOL

Morgan Avery Clark said...

Too cute! I think you should enter Natalie in the BABY OF THE WEEK contest from 106.9. Keep the winning streak going!{0DC47685-AFCC-40AA-82EF-2038ACF0D664}&groupName=KRWM%20On%20Air%20Contests&siteGUID={AFEDDA3C-2BDA-4E6A-8259-8B3901703883}

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