Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do I really have to share?

I've shared a lot with my baby girl. Ummm, my uterus for starters! And let's not forget the 11 months of breastfeeding - sharing Rita and Louise on demand all day long. Those are obviously the biggies (no pun intended) ... but what else? On occasion I've been willing to share my bed. (Although I must admit, I do enjoy an afternoon nap/snuggle with my NHV.) There have been countless other sacrifices along the way ... you get the idea ...

Well, now I am drawing the line. Now, that greedy little girl wants my most favorite and coveted treat from Starbucks ... the blueberry muffin. You know the one with the sinful crumble yumminess on top? Yeah, well, Natalie insisted on helping me to eat mine this morning. I've discovered I am not all that fond of sharing my darn-near-$2 muffin with my newly-one-year-old. It totally threw off my chai tea latte to muffin ratio! But I could hardly let the mmmmms and hand clapping that is her sign for "more" go unnoticed ... at least not while sitting in the middle of my neighborhood Starbucks. Everyone there seemed to think it was just adorable, and I wanted to say, "If you think it's so cute, why don't you share your muffin?" But no, instead I gave in and handed over tiny bites ... after peeling back the paper to uncover the muffin bottom ... no way she was getting her pincher grasp and one tooth on my muffin top!

On the walk home - sipping what was left of my chai sans muffin - it occurred to me that perhaps I am partly to blame for Natalie's blueberry muffin fixation. I practically lived on those things for the entire second trimester of my pregnancy, so perhaps she's predisposed.

Regardless next time I am craving a Starbucks blueberry muffin, Natalie is staying home with daddy! Somethings I am just not willing to share :)


~d said...

I hear ya! I'm always like.. FOR REAL?? Wouldn't you like a BANANA instead of my donut???


I nominated you for a Brilliant Blog 2008 award Go to my site to claim it and follow the rules if you want to participate. :)

natalee said...

Natalie and i share more than a name..umm... I am the blueberry muffin queen..LOL!!! I swear i have one everyday with my coffee.. I really LOVE your blog...hugs..Natalee....

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