Friday, August 28, 2009

Original Songs

My husband is quite talented when it comes to writing new lyrics for "old" songs. And, I have a feeling other new parents take to this creative outlet when sleep deprivation settles in. I also know that his/our original songs have served us well and made us laugh - out loud - many, many times.

I've highlighted his talents here a few times:

Just yesterday, Chitown Momma threw down the original-song-writing guantlet ... well, that's not exactly true. But she asked if I know of an alternative to the super annoying Clean Up song that everyone sings.

And, I didn't, so a new original song was created ...
  • Would you like a new Clean Up song to add to your daily routine repeteroire?
    Would you like to banish the Barney version from your head, ears, and home?
  • You could be kicking off the weekend with a great new song stuck in your head!
  • Your kids will think you are super fun and creative! What could be better?
Well, you're just one click away ... what are you waiting for?

1 comment:

bettyl said...

Does a sing-song 'we know what you're doooo-ing' from outside the bathroom door count?!!

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