Thursday, May 8, 2008

Daddy Idol

Talkative is a word often used to describe me ... my husband, yeah, not so much. He's a man of few words and what little he does say is riddled with a very dry sense of humor. I'll mention again that Chad cracks me up ... pretty much on a daily basis. Moments of silence are often interrupted by a very random - sometimes deep - thought. For example, "Do you think Natalie knows she's a baby?" What does that mean?!
So words are few, but animal noises, whistling, and silly, made-up songs are plentiful. When Chad first took over Natalie's bathtime routine, I would have to remind him to "use his words." Honestly, an entire 10 minutes would pass without a single English word being uttered; plenty of other sounds but NO actual words ... that can't be good for Natalie's language acquisition, right? :)

Here's a small selection of Chad's recent made-up songs:

In response to Natalie's lack of afternoon nap, Chad sang ...
You're not gonna make it, no you ain't gonna make it
You're not gonna make it 'til 7 o'clock.
(to the tune of Twisted Sister, "We're Not Gonna Take It")

As he carried Natalie upstairs for bath tonight, he sang ...
Girl you know it's true, you've got stinky poo
And we're going to go bathe you ... oooh, oooh, ooh
I love you!
(to the tune of Milli Vanilli's "Girl You know It's True")

And an all-time favorite that made a recent comeback ...
You're so gross, you're so gross
You spit and you drool and you poop all day
You spit and you drool and you poop all day
You're so gross, you're so gross
(to the tune of the children's classic "Three Blind Mice")

I love that man! And clearly he loves our little NHV!


mrs.alderman said...

Ha!! So how does Chad feel about you throwing him under the bus for the sake of your blog? :D

Chris said...

Fantastic! Please thank Chad for adding some songs to our repetoire. We laughed hard at that.
Here's one for you:
"Diaphragm, Diaphragm.
Spasms in your Diaphragm.
Are they strong? Listen bud...
They cause hiccups in my son...
Look out! Here comes the diaphragm!"
(To the old Spider-man theme song)

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