Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What'd you say? - Sentence Edition

Chuckle 1:
During dinner tonight, Natalie was eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. After dipping her sandwich pieces in the soup, she dumped the rest onto her tray and proceeded to finger paint. I didn't mind this little activity because a) I had already striped her down and b) she was happily entertaining herself - that's good stuff.

As I went to check on the leftover heating up in the oven, Natalie called, "Mommy," to get my attention. Just as I made eye contact, a huge smile spread across her face, and she said, "Na-Na make smiley face."

Sure enough; she had drawn a smiley face - at least her interpretation - in her tomato soup. Even better than her artwork was the way she proclaimed it to me; she was just beaming!

Chuckle 2:
As she pranced around wearing lavender leggings (a size too small but she insisted), a hair elastic around the upper part of her arm, and a shiny, red beaded necklace around her waist, Natalie chanted, "Ina reena. Ina reena. Ina reena."

Chad and I were fairly certain she was proclaiming some type of intestinal issue. It sounded to us like she was saying, "I have diarrhea." In typical daddy fashion, CPV commented, "That can't be good." But I knew - from the lack of odor - that Natalie was saying something else.

When I couldn't understand what she was saying, Natalie maintained her cool.

She said, "Zoe." I repeated, "Zoe."

She gave me another clue, "Tutu."

Aha! I figured it out - call me Momma Holmes.

Oh, of course, Natalie was being a BALLERINA! Thankfully it wasn't the runny poos!


Chi-town momma said...

At least NHV gives you additional clues to get her point across. B just keeps repeating the word over and over again with a look on his face like, "C'mon lady, work with me here!"

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

Smart girl that takes you down the path to enlightenment!

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