Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Envy and a New Look

No worries, friends. You're in the right place.
But just look what SupahMommy made me do!

While watching America's Got Talent (and giving it only a fraction of my attention), I spent a solid two hours digging deep into the html code that is my blog.

All because of the serious case of blog envy I developed early this morning after a visit to one of my favorite blogs, Adventures of a Wanna-Be SupahMommy. Apparently whilst she was traipsing all over the beach in MD, some talented blog designer was giving her an overhaul. How is that fair?

Well, Miss Fancy Pants Debby, I didn't get to go to the beach (or haul three kids to the beach, as the case may be) and I don't have the funds to hire a designer, so ... this is the best I could do ... for now ... three delightful columns and a new background! Gone are the black-and-white polka dots and cute little bows! Hello, little splashes of color! I am even sporting a new button; feel free to grab it :)

P.S. My dear friend Heather and her family - on their way to see me - weren't able to get out of Baltimore or make their connection in Detroit. Dontcha just love airline travel? Which means that they spent the night in their own beds and will try again in the morning. Which explains why I had the time to sit on my laptop all evening. Here's hoping they have an uneventful and hassle-free day of travel tomorrow!

Feel free to comment and get in on the palooza!


Emmett Joseph said...

Love the new look, Dana Lou. Now I am seriously envious!

Starfish Mom.com said...

Thank you for checking out my blog. I am new to the whole world of blogging. I have home-page envy- your site looks great. Come back and visit sometime....starfishmom. Let me know if you want to work on "state folding" :)

mrs.alderman said...

Love it!!! You are so talented!! Now when are you gonna come over and help me pimp out my page??! :)

Oliver'sMom said...

Oh man! I thought by the title this was going to be about Natalie's first haircut! LOL

Chi-town momma said...

Good comment Oliver's Mom!!!
Like the new look, D.
Oh, no to Heather and the clan! I hope today works out better for them. That just stinks!

Jessica said...

Love the new look! I think my blog needs an update too.

supah ~d said...

punching in those amex digits was such hard work... broke a sweat .


I love it Dana! You continue to impress me.


Oliver'sMom said...

PS-I do love the new look! And, I must say, I kinda hope you don't cut that girl's hair. She was VERY cute today with the clips! She wasn't so sure about me-shouldn't I have had a little boy about her age with me?!?! LOL. Good seeing you today!

Deann said...

Ok not sure what happened to my post, but it didn't take, here's try #2 :-)

I love the new look! It is you and it is colorful and cute and goes so well w/ your header!

Now I need you to come over and help me sometime with my sorry and sad blog site...


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