Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raindrops and Silver Linings

Woke up feeling kind of gloomy this morning. The weather here in the NW agrees with my mood. Gray skies and a few raindrops. But I am determined to find the positives in my not-so-positive thoughts.

Raindrops: After a week long visit, we said good-bye to Mimi last night. We will really miss her. Natalie had such a good time and was very well taken care of during our "interesting" weekend and doctor appointments yesterday.

Silver Lining: My very good friend Missy and her super handsome little guy (6 months younger than NHV) will arrive on Sunday. I can't wait to see them both, and I know her visit will be restful and cheerful :)

Raindrops: I fell asleep last night feeling a little uneasy about the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor (not MY doctor) at MFM after yesterday's ultrasound. I did a little online research (sometimes a mistake) about the use of Motrin during pregnancy and didn't find much ... what I did find seemed to indicate that Ibuprofen during pregnancy is overall discouraged.

Silver Lining: I sent an email to my OB - who I trust implicitly - and got a reply this morning. I have at least 10 weeks to use the Motrin as a way to control the contractions. She assured me that this is an appropriate form of treatment - with minimal side effects for me and baby - and a good alternative to the TERB which makes me feel yucky. In addition, I will be closely monitored throughout.

Raindrops: I am not good at resting. I like to be active. I like to get out of the house with NHV - on a daily basis. On top of that, I have this 2nd trimester need-to-nest and extra energy brewing inside me, and I had big plans of projects I wanted to tackle. All of those things are put on hold, and that really annoys me. I know it could be so much worse - at least I am home and with my family. But having to rely on others and stopping myself from doing things that I normally do, like lifting Natalie ... ugh, it's sucky!

Silver Lining: I was suppose to have jury duty starting next week. Now it looks like I have the perfect excuse to get out of that ... not that I want to neglect my civic duty or anything.

Raindrops: Relying on help from others is tough when family lives so far away. I am really worried about being able to take care of Natalie - in the fashion to which she's become accostumed. I know I can get her fed and bathed and put to bed. But we normally spend our days at playdates and the library and running errands and stopping by local parks ... there's only so much fun to be had in the house. While I am not house-bound, I know our activity level is going to reduce. My focus will be on getting groceries and taking care of minor things around the house ... the laundry does need to get done at some point!

Silver Lining: My inbox has been flooded with well wishes and offers of assistance. What a clear and touching and wonderful reminder of the very good friends I have both near and far. It is such a blessing to know that Baby V 2.0 and I are being prayed for and thought of during this time. Quite a few of my local friends have offered to take Natalie for me, which is as much for her as it is for me. She's a social butterfly, and I know spending time with her little friends - and getting out of the house - will make her happy. Now, I just have to force myself to take them up on these generous offers.

Raindrops: This isn't going to be easy.

But the best Silver Lining of all ... Baby Girl V 2.0 is still healthy and happy and in-utero - hopefully for a good long time!


Jen said...

Hoping you have more silver lining moments than raindrops tomorrow!

Jen :)

Oliver'sMom said...

Silver lining: You don't have to attend preservice workshops that bore you to tears...LOL. I'm kinda assuming Friday is probably out? Your little Natalie is so bright, I'm sure she'll figure out that mom can't do a few things and she'll be even more of a snuggler. I know when I feel cruddy (ok, when I had had too much fun night night before...I'll admit to it!), Oliver is actually a good snuggler. They're pretty intuitive, these little munchkins of ours! Cute pict of V 2.0, perfect little lips already!

Emmett Joseph said...

Seeing that little face is the best silver lining of all. BGV already has so many people that love her and can't wait to meet her!

Elaina said...

I tried to call Margie's cell phone today to see how you're doing - I didn't realize she had left already. I wish we lived nearby so I could grab Natalie to come play with Lily and me!!

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

It was gray here in Oregon this morning too, but this afternoon is lovely. Here's hoping the clouds "burn off" for you too.

Deann said...

I know it is hard. I totally understand, being an active mommy myself.

Baby Girl is looking beautiful and that truly is a blessed silver lining for certain!

Hang in there and try to enjoy the little things in the "down time" :-)


Miss Mel said...

YOu rock! Way to see the positive and I LOVE THAT BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FACE!!! Thanks so much for keeping us up to date :) Always, MEl

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