Friday, August 21, 2009

WW: What I've Learned from my Toddler

There's nothing quite as decadent as a really good afternoon nap!

There are simple joys in ordinary things. Take this box of holiday cards for example. Natalie looked through these cards at least a hundred times between December and March (when I finally retired the red box to the attic with the rest of the decorations).

Or this photo taken of Natalie pointing at a gorgeous full moon that rose over our house just as the sun was setting.

A peacoat in a bright color like pink is a great fashion risk. I mean, just look at her!

As long as we're taking fashion, it's worth mentioning that
an extra accessory (or two) can "work" ... sometimes.

It's important to eat your vegetables ... even if they are just plastic.

Running down hill with reckless abandon is not a good idea!

Sometimes, you just have to get your feet wet ... even if the water is really cold and there's lots of goose poop and the rocks aren't exactly smooth.

Concentration is best achieved by sticking out your tongue! I have this same habit; you should see me when I am coloring :)

Sometimes prunes are required ... and they always work!

The only thing worse than being sick is not being able to make your child feel better when she's sick.

This is my first entry in MamaKat's weekly Writer's Workshop. I've been lurking for many months, but this is my first leap into the craziness :) And really, this post is more photography than writing, but hey, I've always been a tiptoe-er when it comes to taking the plunge.

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The Crazy Coxes said...

Thanks for the visit!

I love your post.
It's beautiful and funny all at once.
And your photos are great.

I'd like a hot pink peacoat please!

{Kiki} said...

Great pictures and lessons. Natalie is adorable. Love that peacoat. That is one aspect I am missing out on not having a girl, the FASHION. Aloha and take care.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Cute post & pics.

Big Mama Cass said...

Those were fantastic!!! You have some pretty great photography skills too!

Chi-town momma said...

OHHH, NHV, you are such a little sweetie who has taught your momma so much!

Janelle said...

So fun that you did MamaKat's workshop....Great pictures and lessons from Natalie.

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

I absolutely love this. And, the pink pea coat is so my favorite. That is the perfect fashion risk!

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