Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meal Planning - Let's Try This Again

So my good intentions fell a little flat on this one ... it's been three weeks since I posted a meal plan, but I am giving it another try. I can do this!

This week's meal plan ... in no particular order:

  1. Gram's Chicken Pot Pie Updated ("homemade" with a store-bought pie crust)
  2. Panera Bread Company (just being realistic!)
  3. Homemade Pizza (I'm going to try the Trader Joe's pizza dough)
  4. CPV's special spinach and cheese scrambled eggs and whole wheat English muffins
  5. Trader Joe's Pasta Medley (a vegetarian entree that I supplement with turkey sausage)

Not bad. There's decent amount of variety here. Here's hoping that I can maintain my sanity and sunny disposition between 5 and 7 each evening this week :) What's cooking at your house?


Chi-town momma said...

Haven't thought ahead to next week - here's hoping I am preoccupied with birthing a child! But here is a recap of this week...
M: Tacos (Brandon's request)
T: I was off having a massage so the guys had "HOT DAWGS!!!!" (Benjamin's request...daily!)
W: Kraft Foods chicken pot pie with pastry crust
Th: Homemade sloppy joe
F: We ate out at a Greek restaurant and had Gyros

Chi-town momma said...

Ha, I just clicked on the link for Gram's pot pie...that would totally be the same one I made on Wed!!! Great minds think alike! That is totally a fav in this household. Although, it is another meal that B eats topless as he tends to get the sauce everywhere!!!

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