Friday, May 1, 2009

Fruit Strike and an Apple Today

Natalie has been on a fruit strike for the past three or four months. What's a mama to do?

Bananas & Pears

Before & Now: These are tried-and-true fruits in her repertoire; she eats a banana a day, pears less frequently

Before: She gobbled them up and asked for more.
Now: Can't stand to have them on her tray. Not whole. Not cut in half. Not frozen. Not red. Not green. It's like Green Eggs and Ham, I tell ya!

Strawberries (and Blueberries)

Before: She devoured so many I was sure she'd turn red (or blue).
Now: Behaves as if she's being tortured if I put a single one on her tray.


Before: Again, I feared she would turn red ... and her chin often did.
Now: It put it on the plate and she eats it reluctantly - sometimes.


Before: The first thing Natalie projectile vomited was pureed peaches. I decided that meant that she had an intolerance for peaches. Not a stomach bug or something rational like that.

Now: I still won't give her peaches.


Before: I've always given her apple sauce, but never actual bites of apple because they terrify me as a choking hazard.

Now: Natalie grabbed an apple while we were shopping at Trader Joe's today. I was hesitant to let her have it, but she was very persistent. [persistent - verb (in this case) - pitching a fit in the middle of TJs if I even put my hand near her apple]

We finished our shopping but she wasn't done gnawing on that darn apple - and I couldn't have her chowing an apple in the backseat while I drove. So we found a bench, sat and enjoyed a truly beautiful afternoon here in the NW, and shared that apple. She seemed like such a big girl eating that apple and offering me bites. Tears in my eyes! Sad to see her growing up. Happy to see her adding a fruit to her "will eat" list :)


Chi-town momma said...

How ironic - B gnawed on his first whole apple today today at the kite festival! He was not interested in giving his up either (although we did let him have it in the car too - wrong?) and he fell asleep after it was smushed down by his legs, leaving a lovely wet spot on his pants! When we got home and he smiled he had a nice chunk of apple skin stuck between his two lower front teeth :)

Elaina said...

does she like smoothies? i love it when they eat their first sandwich (not cut up), first corn on the cob, and first whole apple.

Jaime said...

I just loved the text organization of this post (how's that for some 5th grade stuff?!). So cute, so funny, and very fresh (no pun intended). :) xo

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