Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl Thompson

I know you've read about my friend Laurie here before. She was the one I shared my pregnancy with ... my NHV and her DBT were born just 12 days but also several states apart. We talked at least once a week throughout the entire nine months of our "motherhood journeys" ... and the phone calls have continued in the many months since. Through bedrest and contractions and countless worries, we saw each other through. Heck, we even decorated our nurseries the same.

She is an amazing teacher, the most genuine person I've ever met, and an incredible mommy to ... TWO ADORABLE MUNCHKINS! Yes, my dear friend did it again :) Her baby girl, Taylor Elizabeth, was born just after midnight. The labor the quick, the drugs good, and the pushing minimal :) I was so excited to see the introduction of Big Brother Benjamin to his sweet little sister. As Laurie would say, "So fun!"

I am beyond happy for my friend and her newly expanded family! You did it, girlie ... without induction this time!

P.S. I am super jealous, too, because Laurie's husband got her a fabulous piece of "pushing jewelry," an engraved circle necklace from SimaG. It's precious!

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