Friday, May 22, 2009

FFF: Favorite from the Lake

Our wonderful friends Ashley, Colin, and their cutie Morgan had us over for an impromptu BBQ last Saturday evening. They live on a lake - it is a beautiful location, for sure, and it was a gorgeous NW evening. We had a fantastic time, and I snapped lots of photos ... but I forced myself to choose just one, my favorite.
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I decided to "make an effort" with Natalie's hair ... just for the occasion :) Yes, I wrestled her baby fine hair - the mullet part - into pigtails. I just admit, she did look pretty cute. I can also say that I haven't done it again since. I, too, have baby fine hair and a very tender head; that combination makes for one heck of a time with any hair style. Which explains why I've had the same hair style, or lack thereof, forever, and why the most elaborate I've gotten with Natalie's hair is a clippy bow to hold her bangs back.
Anyway, the weather is finally shaking off all the dampness and clouds. The sun is making an appearance on a more regular basis, and I am excited for the outdoor activities to come. The lakeside BBQ was a great way to kick-off the season ... both the warm-weather season and the pigtail season :)
Check out other great photos at Kiss the Frog 4 Me.


Chi-town momma said...

Love the expression on her little face too! :)

supah ~d said...

Oh you soo need ouchless rubberbands! Their perfect for fine hair and there's a trick to gettting them out without hurting them! They are perfect for putting in prior to clippy bows and are the answer to mullet piggies. :) LOve it dana. :)


supah ~d said...

they're .. i mean.. i hate when i do that.

Anonymous said...


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