Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Hubby did me a huge favor today. He kept Natalie while I went to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping. I was in-and-out in about 30 minutes with all the fixings for five meals plus stuff for breakfast and snacks and what-not. Impressive, I know!

Usually for our weekly shopping trips, it's me and baby girl and one of those big ol' racecar shopping carts ... because no one told me what a mistake that is ... before I made that mistake myself ... and now there's no going back. Speaking of back, I am beginning to wonder if you all really do have mine?!

This delightful trip to the "market" was all part of my master plan, I mean, my meal plan for this week. For about the past 4 months, I completely got out of this habit, and I was really starting to HATE dinner. Quite often I ponder the possibility of skipping meals and receiving nutrients/calories through an IV instead. Wouldn't that be so much easier? I know you self-proclaimed "lovers-of-food" will be aghast at such an idea. But stop and think about it. Couldn't you use extra time in your day? How many hours a day do I waste thinking about what we're going to eat, getting the ingredients (because I don't plan ahead that typically means a trip to the market), preparing the food whilst entertaining my little one, eating (this takes a fraction of the time as all the rest), and cleaning up the mess (btw: my husband is a champ when it comes to CUD, clean up duty)? Thus, the "give-me-an-IV" mentality has been adopted on numerous occasions.

But I am not terribly fond of needles ... in fact, the IV was the worst part of giving birth, in my opinion/experience ... and so I am back on the meal plan bandwagon in the hopes of changing my attitude and making the 5:00-7:00 part of my day go much more smoothly :)

This week's meal plan - in no particular order:
1. Easy Cheesy Chicken & Noodles - from KraftFoods Magazine

2. Tuna Cakes & Spinach Salad - another KraftFoods idea

3. Kielbasa, Baked Potatoes, and Green Beans - straight from my mom's repertoire

4. Sloppy Joes, Onion Rings, and Apple Slices - Easy Weeknight Favorites

5. Steak Stroganoff - Easy Weeknight Favorites
6. Pizza - I am just being realistic!
I realize this information may not be even remotely helpful or interesting to you, but I thought blogging my weekly meal plans would help ME be more accountable. Yes, this is a totally selfish blog post ... sorry 'bout that :)

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Janelle said...

Thanks for the dinner ideas. I am getting better at meal planning/grocery shopping but it's still a pain. With 2 I have not even attempted to take both of them to the grocery store. I usually go at night when both of the boys go to bed. Yes, I would rather be heading for bed but it makes grocery shopping so much easier. And we always have Friday Night Pizza night....that makes meal planning easier. (sometimes homemade, sometimes frozen, and sometimes we order it)

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