Friday, May 29, 2009

FFF: Memories

Earlier tonight, hubby asked me if Natalie was walking this time last year. After a quick pause to calculate and reference her first birthday, I was a little surprised myself to realize that she wasn't even walking yet ... one year ago. She waited until after her first birthday. By the way, knowing my propensity for how quickly she does grown up, you probably know that I was totally okay with that! But it really is amazing to think that my beautiful, smart, extremely dexterous and mobile dumpling wasn't even walking just one year ago. My how time flies!

Anyway, that conversation coupled with the memory theme of this week's FFF, promptly took me into the photo archives ... back one year ago today. Notice she's on her rear or hands-knees in all three shots. Today she was on her feet and running all pretty much the entire day. And look at how short her hair was ... these were her pre-mullet days ... for sure! Oh, and I love her toe in the last shot; she still pulls that big toe away from the others ... don't know why, but it's so cute!

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