Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Add Eeee-Paca to the List

We love our local zoo. Our family membership has proven to be one of the best entertainment investments we've made to date. After our long weekend in Denver and two days spent in the classroom, I desperately needed to run some errands and restock our fridge. But ... it was a beautiful day, and Natalie looked at me - with those big, beautiful eyes - and said, "Animals. Please." She even signed "please" in the adorable way that she does. How, in the world, could I refuse or resist? All the way there, she kept asking "Animals?" like she couldn't believe we were really going. And I reassured her - over and over again - that we were, in fact, heading for the zoo. She was excited beyond belief. She listed the animals she was looking forward to seeing: tigers, cougar, and birds.

This turned out to be an especially exciting trip to the zoo because Natalie realized that there are, in deed, a few other animals at the zoo. We always walk past their cages, but she shows little interest ... unless it's the tigers, cougar, or birds. Today, we stepped up to the alpaca pens, and Natalie called out with much enthusiasm, "Eeeeee-Paca." The small crowd around us cracked up, and I must admit that I beamed. How cute is that? Eeeeee-Paca! She then proceeded to "beep" his nose and crack up herself.

Yes, our zoo list has expanded: tigers, cougars, birds, eeeeee-paca!

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