Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Under the Sea Adventure

Natalie and I spent a delightful morning with our good friends Megan and Alison. They introduced us to the Aquarium, and we have to say, "Thank you very much!" for that.
Natalie had a great time. And she continues to mention the octopus almost hourly. It was pretty cool - even I have to admit that! We've looked at the octopus photos on the computer at least half a dozen times. Taking pictures inside the aquarium wasn't easy; there was very limited natural light and flash-photog wasn't allowed. But I did my best. Another challenge, getting Natalie to look at the camera when there was so many other, more interesting things to see.

Making our way to the outdoor exhibits, I had the chance to snap a few of these. The outfit is new - courtesy of a fabulous clearance rack at the Children's Place. She loved the freedom of being able to run along this (well-protected) boardwalk. And I loved that she ran toward - rather than away from - me.

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Chi-town momma said...

Benjamin loved the aquarium when we went in the winter. I need to get him back no that he is even older and wiser - fish are just fascinating! :)
Love the clearance outfit!!!

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