Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What could be better than ...

... an almost-three-year old who sleeps until 9:45 am?
... an almost 7-month-old who sleeps until 7:45 am, plays, poops, has some milk, goes back to sleep by 8:45 am and is still sleeping more than an hour later?
... the quiet of a house where two little ones are sleeping and a mama is relaxing at her blog!

Of course, I have just totally jinxed any chance I had of getting my two girls to take naps this afternoon, but ... whatever ... it's been pretty wonderful to have a full hour to myself in the morning. 

Was I productive?  No.  Sink full of dishes staring at me right now.
Did I catch up on emails and visit a few blogs.  Sure, why not!
Did I manage to get myself dressed and semi-primped without interruption?  Yes.  Even had time to admire my newly waxed brows ... what a different that makes, I mean, really and truly!

Am I going to be late to our play date at 10:00 am?  Yeah, it's looking that way!

You know what else is pretty fabulous?  This photo I took of the girls snuggling together:

Hope you're having a great day, too!


BJ_Mama said...

awww....snuggle bugs! I want to jump in there too! (thanks for tlakng me off the ledge this morning...things are lookin' up)

Stacey said...

How sweet!

Chi-town momma said...

Love it!!! Love that you call them "the girls!" You have two girls, yes I have known this, but it sounds so fun to hear you say it/read it! :) Glad you had a great morning, sorry I missed your call!

Jessica said...

Love that! Both my girls napped at the same time yesterday (a rare occasion) and I took a nap too! It was divine but the bathrooms didn't get cleaned.

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