Sunday, June 6, 2010

Say It With a Song: Best Friends

Ask Natalie to name her best friend, and without hesitation, with no doubt in her young mind, and a big smile on her face - she'll say, "Cee-Cee!"  They were born five days apart but first met at the tender age of six months.  One of Natalie's first words was "Cee-Cee" and despite the fact that her friend's name is actually Sahara, I have a hard time calling her anything but the nickname Natalie bestowed upon her at about 15 months of age.  In just about a month, these best friends will turn three years old!

Almost  not a day goes by that Natalie doesn't ask to play with Cee-Cee.  When they do see each other - probably about once a week - they run to embrace each other and then fall in step as they head off to play with each other.  It is the sweetest thing!

Here are a few photos taken at a local park on a recent (and rare) sunny day:

Between these candid photos and the words of this song, I think you'll start to understand that this friendship is truly special!

Best Friends
written and sung by Frances England

We’re best friends
We look out for one another
We’re best friends
We take care of each other
I know you and you know me
We fit together like puzzle pieces
When I wake up in the morning
It’s you I want to see, It’s you I want to see

We share our books, we share our toys
We jump up on the bed and make lots of noise
Sitting in the backyard under the tress
It’s just you and me, it’s you and me

Building forts with blankets and sheets
Swimming in the pool to beat the summer heat
Riding our bikes through the park
Staying up late, after dark

You can hear a preview of this song here.

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Emmett Joseph said...

These pictures are beautiful!

Procrasti-Mom said...

THis is SO sweet, thanks for sharing these photos! I'd forgotten we took all those that day! I got teary reading this post and looking at the photos. How special to see the kids growing up together!

Chi-town momma said...

I love the upper right - they both have adorable expressions!
And the lower left, NHV is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!
It really is fun to see them becoming little people!

Mommy Lisa said...

Boo Boo has a friend like that too! So superterrificcute those pictures!

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