Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Mom Dating

I blog as a way of journaling my life.  As a way of preserving memories of my daughters' early lives.  As a way to remember what happens in the blur of motherhood.  And I really like to look through my "archives". 

I've realized that there are some really good "old" posts floating around this little blog of mine, so I plan to dust them off, shine them up a bit - just for you - and share a favorite each Tuesday.  I even made a button ... 

Mom Dating originally posted January 20, 2008

I am fairly certain I was picked up at Starbucks today. Her nonfat vanilla latte came up just before my own nonfat, extra hot chai tea latte. She swayed with a sleeping, knit hat clad baby in her oh-so-northwest Ergo carrier. I rhythmically pushed my stroller to-and-fro in the hopes that my little NHV would finally fall asleep. Eyes met. Knowing glances were exchanged. And a 15-minute conversation ensued ... with a total stranger ... a woman who, prior to giving birth, wouldn't have even said hi to me as we grabbed our hot beverages from the barista's counter!

Our tiny companions give us enough in common to chat like old friends. Of course, we provided our babies' names before we introduced ourselves - that's what mommies do. I think we are so darn proud of having made such a monumental decision, that we just have to share that information first. Anyway, we covered incredible amounts of information about our babies - from age and weight to sleeping and eating habits ... and about ourselves - from our feelings about the dreary NW weather to our decisions about returning to work. Yes, it was a successful first date.

Our conversation ended with a somewhat awkward phone number request, but something tells me, she won't call. And that's alright with me. You see, the immediate and compelling need for adult interaction was satisfied ... at least for today. And there's always another mommy to meet ... and, if I am being honest, that fact is more than a little comforting. There are days when the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" just isn't enough.


Today's Thoughts:  It felt like deja vu this past Saturday when - for the first time - I gave my "digits" to a mom I barely know - and by barely, I mean I've seen her twice in my entire life. Before I left for my recent trip to IL, we chatted outside the Carter's Store while our girls rode the quarter carousel. This past Saturday we both bravely attempted a trip to Costco - on Memorial Day weekend!  In line for frozen yogurt, our eyes met.  I thought, "Huh, she looks familiar."  Natalie started whining and distracted me.  Suddenly, it clicked and I said, "Hey, I know you from the outlet mall."  Great pick up line, huh?  We chatted and made our way through the crowd to our parked cars and said our good byes.  But I had this lingering thought that I would really like to hang out with her again.  While CPV made sure the girls were strapped in their car seats, I scribbled my email address on a random scrap of paper and raced toward her minivan.  And, guess what, today I got a message from her ... inviting me (and the girls) to a playdate in this week.  Funny, it's so NOT dating ... but there's still a certain thrill to meeting a mom who could potentially be a friend!


Ali said...

oh, you just gave me inspiration for my next blog post, hope you don't mind! Hubs and I dated a couple we met while we were on a date! I'll give you props in my post!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Mom dating. Yep, I've been there, dashing back into a store to give a mom my email address, and lo and behold we're friends now. Wish it always worked so well!

Mommy Lisa said...

So awesome! I love successful first dates - and playdate emails!


Adrienne said...

Mom dating is the best I love meeting new pals especially ones who understand the things you give up as a mom you know like doing things alone

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