Thursday, June 10, 2010

Notes to my Girls

Dear Natalie,
I don't know what is causing you to be far grumpier than usual - or than you need to be - these past three days.  I have grown so accustomed to your easy-going, rarely whining, sweet ways.  This new found grumpiness and difficulty listening to me the first time and resistance to just about every play option I suggest ... well, it's all taking its toll on me.  And I know you're entitled to have an off day now and then, but really I think three days in a row is enough.  I don't like the impatient mommy I've become.  I don't like the tone of voice I used with you this evening.  I'll try harder.  Please shake off those grumpies, and let's have a good day!

Love you,

Dear Charlotte,
You crack me up!  I love the new "skill" you spent all day showing off!  Your little tongue poking out through your perfect lips.  That determined look on your face.  The shower of spittles and finally that funny noise. What I love most of all is the look of complete satisfaction you get when you make me laugh!  Oh, sweet baby, somehow today you knew exactly what I needed!  And I agree with your reaction to your sister's grumpiness ... pffffft, in deed ;)

Now please gain a few ounces this week!
Love you,


BJ_Mama said...

those babies sure help cheer up a grumpy day! That's why we're having another one, you know, to balance out Sam's cranky. (j/k) Sam's perfect in every way, don't knwo what's wrong with YOUR almost 3 yo!

NorbertM_Ruley1231朝宜 said...

路過看看哦,請加油 .........................................

passionofthemom said...

I have one just like that. (Except she's 11-going-on-45, and thinks she is God.) LOL My tone has been in a steady decline with her for many months now, and I'm terrified that one of these days, I'm going to lose all contact. Is this where it starts? The "I hate you" phase?? *Shudders!!* I hope for my sake that I am WRONGWRONGWRONG! =S I loved the letter to the baby, which was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! =) Sounds like she's a total sweetheart!

Ali said...

I think that age three is is the new terrible two's...

Chi-town momma said...

Dear Dana,
Your blog always makes me smile, think and sometimes cry! This post was just so sweet. You are such a great mommy.
Love you,

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