Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Kids & Babies

Rain cancelled my Red, White, and YOU playdate today - had crafts all ready to go, made the mistake of telling Natalie about it last night.  I was seriously bummed, and Natalie was more than a little distraught (it is so hard to be three)!  When we got a very impromptu invitation to hang out with a few friends - indoors - we jumped at the chance.  This little gathering included a photo session.

Here are the "big kids"* - all nearing their third birthdays** - who have known each other since the days of tummy time and rolling over!

* Matthew is not pictured.
** Morgan (far left) is only two and a half, but she hangs with this "older" crowd!

And here are the Babies ... all born since December. 

Charlotte is the oldest, but not the biggest, thanks to Alex ;)
Of course, she is also not the smallest, either.

Before I became a mom, I never realized just how special
my relationships with other moms would be ...
sharing, celebrating, commiserating, supporting, enjoying, ...

That our children would be playmates who look forward
to seeing each other almost as much as we do.

That our babies are growing up side-by-side, making memories. 

Watching their interactions and their individual personalities is a absolute wonder!  

This is a very special (and unexpected) part of my motherhood journey! 


Emmett Joseph said...

So true! I wouldn't have half the friends I have if I weren't a Mommy :) Adorable picture!

Emmett Joseph said...
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mrs.alderman said...

* Owen is not pictured too! :)

Procrasti-Mom said...

Jordan missed the party :( I'm sure he'll be looking forwad to the next baby buds photo op :)

The Clark's said...

Love the Post and all my mommy friends. I would be a wreck without all of you. It has been so amazing to watch the kids grow-up together. And it's so fun to watch them talk and interact together now.
Morgan was always the smallest so it's strange to have such a HUGE baby. But Jordan really the biggest baby... I'm sure Alex will be catching up with him soon.

Mommy Lisa said...

Okay - I have to email this to my clan! ;)

Anonymous said...
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BJ_Mama said...

CHarlottoe LOOKS HUGE!!!! :) I know, I know...but we gotta celebrate the "little" triumphs, don't we!

I so wish I had more mommy friends that i could PD with. I guess my wierdo sleep/work schedule does interfere a LOT!

Oliver'sMom said...

Amen to the mommy friends! We had a GREAT time on Monday, thank you soooo much. I've been getting caught up with a bunch of drama from some school folks, and it was a breath of fresh air to just be myself with you-all crafty and happy to hang out with my boy and see him enjoy his time with your sweet N. I feel like we are always trying to cram 2 hours worth of conversation into an hour of chasing our kids, but I wouldn't have it any other way! We HAVE to do it again! I noticed 90's on the calendar for next week...Splash park?

Suburban Wife wannabe Farmer said...

Thank you for the cute note that Matthew was part of the group just not pictured.
I have loved that our kids 1.0 have grown up together and I am so thankful to have you for round 2..


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